WiXHC CNC Controller Question

1,Why xhc pendant setting on mach3 software, don’t use MPG mode?

yes, our pendant don’t have MPG mode, you need choose Continuous mode and step mode.

2,The handwheel works very slowly, when I rotate it. And sometime it does not show the same value than the MACH3 software. For example: Mach3 indicates: X: 0.002 handwheel indicates: X: 0.0019 Please let me know what could be the reason for this slowness. (I rotate the wheel, and the Mach3 senses much less than 100 unit).

About 0.002 is sometimes displayed, and 0.0019 is sometimes displayed because the accuracy of the click parameters of the software is not enough. The higher the display accuracy, the larger the pulse equivalent value in the motor speed regulation.

3,Stepping with 0.001 and. 01 is not accurate and random each time. I mean if I select 0.001 or 0.01 on right side Knob and operate the hand wheel then amount of linear motion on any axis

The handwheel continuous mode is very slow, and the speed percentage is increased. The speed of the handwheel is consistent with the manual speed of the software.