GRBL offline working controller

–Manually control: manually adjust X, Y, Z axis location as engraving starting point, manually open or close spindle, manully open or close cooling fan –File engraving: after off-line controller save file, it can connect the GRBL control board and process engraving, no need to connect PC computer –Save file: after the off-line controller connect PC, it will be … Read more

What products can laser engraving machine do?

The laser engraving machine can engrave bamboo and wood products, paper, leather, wool, cloth, acrylic, rubber, silica gel, PVC, PET, epoxy, ceramic tile, marble, crystal, jade, and other non-metallic materials. Application area advertising decorationPlexiglass carving (cutting)Medal, plaque laser productionTwo-color plate laser engraving (cutting)Engraving (cutting) of other non-metallic platesPrinting and packagingRubber version laser engravingPrinting roller laser … Read more