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SMC5-5-N-N program upgrade

You must take a photo to save all the parameter settings before upgrading.

Enter “SZMAP0” and press OK to enter the upgrade interface.

After the interface progress is completed, it will be OK.
If the data is wrong after the upgrade, please enter the factory again, enter 000001 and press OK to set the initial data.

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SMC5-5-N-N How to connect MPG

I use the SMC5-5-N-N. I want to add the MPG handwheel. But, I don’t know how to connect with this.

Your SMC has MPG connector as this.

Your product SMC is not have ‘A’ or ‘A bar’. I just find ‘M-A’. It doesn’t match with name to name.
Can you explain how to connect the MPG with your product SMC?
Hi, the SMC5-5-N-N just support 5v handwheel.
MA, MB corresponds to A and B of the graph,
IN1 and IN2 are connected to IN1 and IN2 of the input port.
XYZABC corresponds to 1-6 axis, the actual C axis is invalid.
MD is the LED indication  

The handwheel is the output, and A-/B- is the inverting pulse of AB. No connection is required.  
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