The difference between tungsten steel milling cutter, white steel milling cutter and carbide milling cutter

The main component of the tungsten carbide milling cutter is tungsten carbide. The tungsten contained in the steel has a significant improvement on the hardness and heat resistance of the steel, but the toughness will drop sharply. White steel milling cutters are employed to low-speed turning workpieces with better roughness than carbide inserts! Cemented carbide … Read more

What is the difference between a 2-blade cutter and a 3-blade cutter?

The difference between the 2-blade milling cutter and the 3-blade milling cutter is simple. The difference between the surface and the blade is that the number of edges is different. It can be viewed directly. The 2-edge milling cutter is appropriate for rough machining. It is employed to roughing and 3-edge milling cutter selection. Finishing … Read more

How to grind the Four-flute end mill

End mill sharpening key points1. Key points, for slotting: radial rake angle, core thickness, helix angle, slot length, cylindrical toughness bandwidth, the grinding wheel fillet, groove type requirements;2, the key points of the Zhou edge: radial back angle, blade diameter, blade length, circumferential blade width, diameter jump, inverted cone;3. The key points of the end … Read more

What is the difference between end mills and ball end mills?

End mills and ball end mills, one for the ball head, one for the flat bottom, the end mill for the main machining, the ball end milling cutter for the curved surface. Ball-end milling cutters and end mills are brought out and can be machined. Our company buys the tool grinding machine of Tuol machinery, … Read more

The difference between the use of keyway milling cutter and three-sided milling cutter

keyway milling cutter and three-sided milling cutter Difference: The two-blade milling cutter can be drilled directly into the workpiece like a drill bit without the need for pre-punching. It is especially suitable for machining keyways on the shaft, so it is also called in keyway milling cutter. Since the three-blade or more has no cutting … Read more