The difference between CNC blade snmg120408r-s t9115 and snmg120408r-s lf9011

CNC inserts are the general name for indexable turning inserts and are the mainstream products in modern metal cutting applications.Mainly used in metal turning, milling, cutting and grooving, thread turning and other fields.According to the material can be divided into coated blades, cermet blades, non-metallic ceramic blades, carbide blades, super hard blades and so on.It … Read more

DCGT070204-AK and DCMT070204-MV What do you mean by AK and MT?

DCGT070204-AK is the blade of Korea Croy Company, AK is the chipbreaker code, which is used for aluminum alloy processing; DCMT070204-MV is the blade of Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan, and MV is the chipbreaker code, which is generally used for steel processing. DCMT070204 SM IC908 high precision carbide insert lathe tool DCMT070204 CNC lathe parts … Read more