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CNC 400*280mm DIY MINI Wood Router

CNC 400*280mm Laser Machine DIY MINI Wood Router For Cutting Engraving Milling Tools

Engraving materials: wood, plastic, paper, bamboo, horn, part of leather (wallet), plastic phone case, rubber stamp, photosensitive chapter, sponge paper, etc.

Input voltage:AC 100V-240V,50 / 60Hz
Engraving area:400*280mm
Output:DC 12V 5A
Support software include: weidiao master, GRBL. etc.
Support PWM TTL modulate laser power
Support gray engraving, sketch route cutting, line scanning engraving, spot engraving.etc.

Small woodworking engraving machine is suitable for all kinds of softwood, hardwood, mahogany; MDF, solid wood board, composite board, multilayer board, planed board, cork, native wood, PVC, gypsum, two-color board, aluminum-plastic board, hibiscus board Long board), plexiglass, acrylic, ABS board, various hard plastics, etc. relief carving, cutting, hollowing and other processes.
The density board can be cut 20mm thick at a time, and can be used for hollow carving of density board and solid wood board.
Small handicraft carving, wood carving pendant carving, wood carving screen carving, etc.

Precise processing technology

Carving of various high-precision products, the smallest can be engraved to 1mm English letters or numbers, 2mm Chinese characters, high carving accuracy, smooth carving without burrs.

Wide application industry

Can be applied to ceramic tile carving, mould carving, wood carving, wood carving relief carving, antique furniture carving, handicraft batch carving, advertising carving, cutting, stone carving, ceramic tile carving and cutting, copper and aluminum carving cutting, wood cutting carving, handicraft carving cutting, Handicraft box carving, architectural model making, interior decoration, lighting industry carving, logo making, acrylic carving cutting, sign carving.

Cylindrical industrial products such as peach core, olive core, ivory fruit, bracelets, vases, pen holders, pencils, bamboo handicraft carvings, billiard table leg carvings, various cylindrical carvings choose rewarding machinery, no matter the size, they are handy.

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Laser engraver Router ER11 GRBL Machine

CNC 3018 Router Mini Laser Engraving Machine Laser engraver ER11 GRBL Hobby Machine for Wood PCB PVC Mini CNC Router Table 3018



Engraving area: 300x180x45mm

Stepper Motor voltage: DC 12V input,  0.3N.m Torque

ER11 Motor: 24V 5A 10000rpm

Power supply: Input 110V-240V AC, Output 24V DC

Operator Table size:300*180mm

Controlling software: GRBL Control

Available System for PC: windows XP SP3、win7、win8、win10

Connect with PC: USB

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GRBL Offline Controller Wood Router Engraver

GRBL Offline Controller Wood Router Engraver Plastic body with a profile, small size, light weight, USB interface, GRBL control systems, learn to use the preferred entry. Either by inscribing, and can be carved with lasers.
The structure is stable, the appearance is simple, and the assembly difficulty is reduced. Now the 3018Pro machine only takes about 20 minutes to complete the assembly.

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3 Axis Milling Cutting machine

The engraving process is visible as controlled by computer,Simple operation and installation,Engrave almost anything on almost any surface.X Y and Z axis carving make more precise and and three-dimensional effect.Cover plates reducing pollution for the screws and shafts.More steady and strong equiped with aluminum alloy frame materials.Reinforced and thickened machine body make transportation absolutely to be safer and longer life time.

DE ship/Free VAT NEW 3 Axis 3040Z-DQ 300W Ball screw CNC ROUTER ENGRAVER/ENGRAVING DRILLING/Milling Cutting machine 220V/110V