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How to grind the Four-flute end mill

four flute end mill
four flute end mill

End mill sharpening key points
1. Key points, for slotting: radial rake angle, core thickness, helix angle, slot length, cylindrical toughness bandwidth, the grinding wheel fillet, groove type requirements;
2, the key points of the Zhou edge: radial back angle, blade diameter, blade length, circumferential blade width, diameter jump, inverted cone;
3. The key points of the end edge: the front rake angle, the rear rake angle, the end kernel width, the blade inclination angle, and the end jump;
4, the key points of the backlash: chisel edge, over-center amount, backlash angle, tooth expansion and exit, bottom corner arc, fusion depth, fusion angle, grinding wheel selection, length of the front surface of the ball head slotting;
5, other key points: ball head, arc, taper, chamfer, cut, go high, profile, passivation, appearance.