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Linear guide maintenance method

Linear guide maintenance method

Maintenance method for linear guides. Linear guides are precision parts, so they require a very cautious attitude when used. Even if high-performance linear guides are used improperly, they can not achieve the expected performance, not only the accuracy is reduced, the service life is shortened, and It is very easy to damage the rail. Therefore, the following should be used when using:

1. Keep the guide rail and its surrounding environment clean. Even if the dust that is invisible to the naked eye enters the inside of the slider, it will increase the wear of the guide rail.

Second, the installation needs to be careful and careful, does not allow strong stamping, does not allow hard objects (awl and the like) to hit the rail slider, does not allow the pressure to be transmitted through the rolling elements.

Third, use appropriate and accurate installation tools to use special tools as much as possible, the mechanism to avoid the use of cloth, short fibers and the like.

Fourth, to prevent corrosion of the guide rails, it is recommended to install with gloves when installing. If you take it directly by hand, you must wash off the sweat on your hands and apply high-quality mineral oil before handling. Pay special attention during the rainy season and summer. Rust protection.

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However, under certain special operating conditions, it is possible to obtain a longer life than conventional calculations, especially in the case of light loads. These special operating conditions are: when the rolling surfaces (rails and sliders) are effectively treated by a lubricating film Separation and restriction of surface damage caused by contaminants; in fact, under ideal conditions, so-called permanent service life is also possible.

Oil lubrication should be pre-filled with grease in the sealed guide rail, and filled with a proper amount of grease inside the casing, and filled or replaced at intervals. In addition, lubrication is required for multiple slides. The machine also adopts the centralized grease supply method in which the pipeline is connected to each lubrication place; the grease lubrication can be used for filling the lubricating grease for a long time without replenishing for a long time, and the structure of the sealing device is also simple, so it is widely used. Oil lubrication is relatively simple, and regular lubrication can greatly improve the service life of the linear guide and maintain a certain precision and preload.

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What is the difference between the guide rail slider and the linear bearing?

The rail slider and the linear bearing are essentially two product accessories.

The appearance of the linear bearing is obviously different from the appearance of the guide rail slider: the linear shaft bearing guide shaft has a cylindrical shape; and the guide rail slider shaft has a square structure.

The main difference lies in the installation position: the linear bearing is generally fixed at both ends, and the intermediate suspended connecting member covers all or most of the radial direction of the optical axis; the guide rail slider generally has one side of which is closely attached to the equipment mounting base and is fixed by bolts.

In terms of cost: the same brand, linear guides are more expensive than linear bearings;

From the equipment: linear guides are more accurate than linear bearings, with greater load, higher stability and longer life;

From the market point of view: linear guides are more suitable than linear bearings, and linear bearings are relatively only suitable for primary processing;

This is the sliding unit with the aluminium case, shafts and aluminium rail for preventing deflexion. This is the complete sliding unit systems and can be clamped simply tightening by bolt with high accuracy. The support rail unit provides maximum rigidity and stiffness to the shaft throughout the whole stroke, and ensure the performance of the unit.