How to change the engraving machine into a laser engraving machine

If mach3 is controlled, open the control box and take out the z-axis forward and reverse signals to control the laser.Under the knife to open the laser,Put a knife is closed, The z-axis depth of the knife path can be changed to 0.1 mm of the lower knife. I am a 10w laser controlled like … Read more

The difference between bearing grinder plate clamp and magnetic fixture

The difference between bearing grinder plate clamp and magnetic fixturePlaten clamp: A fixture that uses mechanical force to fix a workpiece.Magnetic fixture: A fixture that uses magnetic force to fix the workpiece, which is convenient for transporting heavy objects made of ferromagnetic materials. It is often used in workshops and warehouses. cnc milling engraving machine … Read more

What kind of drill should be used for drilling wood drill bits?

The drilled iron is generally a middle tip (large force, wear resistance is favorable for feeding); The drill wood is generally a three-pointed blade, and the middle and high sides are low (the wood is soft, so that the drill is faster, and the cutting edges on both sides can also make the drill hole … Read more

What does the bit depth of 3D mean?

3D or 5D refers to the groove length/diameter of the drill bit For example, 3D, the drill diameter is 20MM, the effective drilling depth is 60MM, but the actual standard drill bit length should be about 80mm. Because the chip space should be considered!! 6mm x 22mm 90 Degree 3D Wood Making Router CNC Engraving V Groove … Read more

What is the difference between a ball screw and a trapezoidal screw, a linear guide?

Ball screws, trapezoidal screws, and linear guides are generic conventional accessories. The names seem to be similar, but in fact they are completely different between the three, with different working principles, different production requirements, and different occasions of use. Taishang Precision Machinery Xiaobian will introduce the difference between a ball screw and trapezoidal screw and linear guide. 1. The difference between a ball screw and a trapezoidal screw. The difference between … Read more