How to convert single phase to three phase

Use single-phase to three-phase inverter A device that converts alternating current with a fixed voltage and frequency into alternating current with a variable voltage or frequency is called a “frequency converter”The equipment first converts three-phase or single-phase alternating current into direct current (DC). Then the direct current (DC) is transformed into three-phase or single-phase alternating … Read more

Which milling operation surface finish is better?

The factors that affect the surface finish of the machined are machine tools, workpieces, fixtures, tools, etc. Machine Tools (1) For boring, which requires the spindle to have a larger Z-direction movement size and better accuracy.(2) For milling, the spindle is required to have greater rigidity and greater power. Especially when milling large planes is … Read more

End Mill

What is end mill? A end mill is a kind of milling cutter,a slicing device found in manufacturing milling applications.It is different from your drill bit in the application,geometry, and make.While a drill tad could only minimize within the axial route,most milling portions can cut from the radial direction.Not every mills can cut axially, those … Read more

CNC 3018 Pro

CNC 3018 PRO Laser Engraver CNC products be determined by a community of three dimensional and three rotational axes to measure the activity and orientation of computer pieces and workpieces.Your computer handle device oversees and instructions the action of your unit resource. The section frequently defines PTP placement,which shifts to a end place before the … Read more

8 Best Cheap CNC Router 2021

Most cnc enthusiasts and beginners are new to this field and don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive cnc routers.So some mini diy cnc routers are very suitable for your needs. It can also cut and engrave materials. You just need to choose the right product according to your needs.We choose 8 … Read more