How about high speed steel knife for key slot

The keyway is generally better than high-speed steel, because high-speed steel has the advantages of high bending strength, good impact toughness, good machinability and grinding processability. High-speed steel can be divided into general high-speed steel and special-purpose high-speed steel according to the application. Therefore, according to the nature of the workpiece material during processing, it … Read more

What products can laser engraving machine do?

The laser engraving machine can engrave bamboo and wood products, paper, leather, wool, cloth, acrylic, rubber, silica gel, PVC, PET, epoxy, ceramic tile, marble, crystal, jade, and other non-metallic materials. Application area advertising decorationPlexiglass carving (cutting)Medal, plaque laser productionTwo-color plate laser engraving (cutting)Engraving (cutting) of other non-metallic platesPrinting and packagingRubber version laser engravingPrinting roller laser … Read more

Wood engraving machine dust cover installed there is no need to buy?

When purchasing woodworking engraving machines, the configuration sheets given by the manufacturers generally have the opportunity to woodworking vacuuming. As an option, processing can be done without him. Remuneration woodworking engraving machine manufacturers suggest: vacuum cleaners and other woodworking vacuum cleaners are best installed at the factory, preferably selected.To make the above choices, the main starting point is two points: one is the maintenance of the engraving … Read more

What is the difference between milling cutters and drill bits?

A twist drill is an instrument that cuts a circular hole of a workpiece by rotating relative to a fixed axis. It is so named because its cheap flute is spiral and shaped like a twist. The main cutting edge of the end mill is a cylindrical surface, and the cutting edge on the end face is a minor cutting edge. At … Read more

How to adjust the height of the CNC lathe tailstock?

Height adjustment step:1. Because the structure of the tailstock of the lathe is similar, if the height adjustment is necessary, the gasket has to be added. 2, the left and right skew adjustment is simple, you can adjust the screw left and right. 3. The height adjustment method of the tailstock is to draw a cylinder with the same diameter as the … Read more

Difference linear guide and a linear slide

What is the difference between a linear guide and a linear slide? What is the difference between a linear guide and a linear slide? Many people think that linear guides are the same as straight slides. If you think so, it is not correct. Let’s tell you about the difference between them! Linear Guides Both … Read more