What is a corn milling cutter?

Corn milling cutter, otherwise known as corn cob milling cutter, is also called scaly milling cutter. The surface is dense spiral mesh, and the groove is relatively shallow. It is generally used for material processing such as some functional materials, especially like some composite materials such as carbon fiber Kraft materials (like the outer shell … Read more

Which is better for ball linear bearings and oil bearings?

This issue is under a statutory design basis. If you can slightly modify or improve the design of the frame mechanism, the rest can be chosen according to the technical standards of the bearing.Ball bearings are far more resistant to shaft speed and reversibility than oil-bearing bearings. Oil-bearing bearings are similar to bearing bushings and cannot carry high speed. But allow for strong loads and couples. I can’t … Read more

Ball milling machining is mainly used for what

Mainly processing shaped faces, curved surfaces, etc. It can also be used for milling. Made of tungsten steel material, wear high temperature, grinding grinder, high-precision fine polishing wheel, mirror grinding process, sharp edge wear, high-capacity chip flutes, ensure that the cutting strength and cutting effects better.Application: wood, MDF, wood, plywood, acrylic, pvc, nylon board, plastic … Read more

The difference between tungsten steel milling cutter, white steel milling cutter and carbide milling cutter

The main component of the tungsten carbide milling cutter is tungsten carbide. The tungsten contained in the steel has a significant improvement on the hardness and heat resistance of the steel, but the toughness will drop sharply. White steel milling cutters are employed to low-speed turning workpieces with better roughness than carbide inserts! Cemented carbide … Read more

What is the difference between carving knife and milling cutter?

The engraving tool is a type of prop used for engraving. The engraving knife has a category, and the milling cutter is actually a kind of engraving knife.Milling cutter: it is used for roughing to remove material.The milling cutter contains the following four tool options.Flat end milling cutter: mainly used for cutting of processed materials,Ball-end … Read more