cw40 cnc mach3 controller

CW40 engraving and milling CNC system supports boring, drilling, milling and high-speed engraving. Using 32-bit high-performance microprocessors, the use of real-time multi-task control technology and hardware interpolation technology, full linkage, the use of forward-looking small line algorithm, 0.001mm interpolation accuracy, the maximum speed of 12 m / min. It can replace mach3 and computer and accomplish stand alone cnc control.

CNC system hardware and software features:

★ Based on 32-bit microprocessor, full linkage, 0.001mm interpolation accuracy, the maximum speed of 12 m / min.
★ 3.5-inch color wide screen LCD, resolution 480*320, Windows interface style. Equipped with five soft function buttons, easy to learn. Provide parameter classification, alarm log, system diagnostics and other rich display interface, easy debugging and maintenance.
★ International standard G instruction, compatible with FANUC system instructions.
★ G codes to support the drilling cycle.
★ Support teach-in function.
★ Support tool setting device.
★ Support conditional input.
★ Support program full-screen editing, built-in 256M massive program space, can store N parts program.
★ USB interface, support U disk file reading and writing, data backup and U disk direct processing (DNC).
★ 24 input points, 24 output points (custom), flexible and convenient.
★ Chinese / English operation interface, complete help information, operation more convenient.
★ Using advanced small line algorithm, processing smoothly.
★Support the rapid operation of the specified location operation, support multi-coordinates system (power-down automatically saved).
★Support saving of the break point function (in operation, press the pause button to automatically save or power off to save automatically).
★Support multilevel operation authority, convenient equipment management, with time limit system lock function.
★ Support changing of boot picture.
★ support UG, Mastercam, PowerMill, FeatureCAM, ArtCAM, JDPaint, Wentai and other third-party software G code files.