Which materials are suitable for CNC engraving machine engraving processing?

Non-metallic materials suitable for carving include organic glass, resin, wood, etc., and non-metallic materials not suitable for carving include natural marble, glass, etc. Metal materials suitable for engraving include copper, aluminum, mild steel with a hardness less than HRC40, and metal materials not suitable for engraving include quenched steel, etc.

What is the difference between cnc and engraving machine

CNC is a numerically controlled machine tool, and the engraving machine is a part of the machine tool. There is no relationship between the two.CNC (Numerical Control Machine Tool) is the abbreviation of Computer numerical control, which is an automatic machine tool controlled by a program. The control system can logically process the programs with … Read more

CNC engraving machine structures and functions

The structure of CNC engraving machine has four main parts, namely engraving machine tool, engraving control software, computer and electrical control cabinet. Each plays an important role. The following will introduce their functions in detail. CNC engraving machineThis is the mechanical equipment part, through which the engraving machining is completed. Engraving control softwareIt is used … Read more

What is a CNC engraving machine?

CNC engraving machine It can be embossed, flat-carved, hollow-carved, etc. on wooden doors, furniture, metal, acrylic, etc. The engraving speed is fast and the precision is high.Performance introduction: The overall steel structure is welded and tempered with aging treatment, which is firm and not deformed. Gantry type movement, fixed work surface, can process the material … Read more