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How to choose metal cutting tools, what are the requirements?

The development of modern manufacturing technology and the widespread use of numerical control equipment have greatly promoted the advancement of cutting technology. With the need for numerical control and automation, higher requirements for high reliability, high precision, long life, fast index change, and good chip breaking are proposed for metal cutting tools. The design of […]

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What is a corn milling cutter?

Corn milling cutter, otherwise known as corn cob milling cutter, is also called scaly milling cutter. The surface is dense spiral mesh, and the groove is relatively shallow. It is generally used for material processing such as some functional materials, especially like some composite materials such as carbon fiber Kraft materials (like the outer shell […]

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Linear guide maintenance method

Linear guide maintenance method Maintenance method for linear guides. Linear guides are precision parts, so they require a very cautious attitude when used. Even if high-performance linear guides are used improperly, they can not achieve the expected performance, not only the accuracy is reduced, the service life is shortened, and It is very easy to […]

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