Which milling operation surface finish is better?

The factors that affect the surface finish of the machined are machine tools, workpieces, fixtures, tools, etc. Machine Tools (1) For boring, which requires the spindle to have a larger Z-direction movement size and better accuracy.(2) For milling, the spindle is required to have greater rigidity and greater power. Especially when milling large planes is … Read more

End Mill

What is end mill? A end mill is a kind of milling cutter,a slicing device found in manufacturing milling applications.It is different from your drill bit in the application,geometry, and make.While a drill tad could only minimize within the axial route,most milling portions can cut from the radial direction.Not every mills can cut axially, those … Read more

Why corn cutter is better?

The difference between a corn milling cutter and a cylindrical milling cutter is that the cutter teeth are arranged in a staggered manner, chip separation performance is good, the cutting force of each tooth is reduced, and the chip removal is smooth. The cutting thickness of each tooth increases, so that the cutter teeth avoid the hardened layer on the surface. The interlacing of cutter teeth is conducive … Read more

Variable Frequency Drive

What is VFD? Are the inverter and VFD the same? A variable frequency drive (VFD) is a type of electric motor driven by a motor controller, which is supplied to the electric motor by changing the frequency and voltage. Other names of VFD are variable speed drive, variable speed drive, variable frequency drive, AC drive, … Read more

The difference between tungsten steel milling cutter, white steel milling cutter and carbide milling cutter

The main component of the tungsten carbide milling cutter is tungsten carbide. The tungsten contained in the steel has a significant improvement on the hardness and heat resistance of the steel, but the toughness will drop sharply. White steel milling cutters are employed to low-speed turning workpieces with better roughness than carbide inserts! Cemented carbide … Read more