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SMC5-5-N-N How to connect MPG

I use the SMC5-5-N-N. I want to add the MPG handwheel. But, I don’t know how to connect with this.

Your SMC has MPG connector as this.

Your product SMC is not have ‘A’ or ‘A bar’. I just find ‘M-A’. It doesn’t match with name to name.
Can you explain how to connect the MPG with your product SMC?
Hi, the SMC5-5-N-N just support 5v handwheel.
MA, MB corresponds to A and B of the graph,
IN1 and IN2 are connected to IN1 and IN2 of the input port.
XYZABC corresponds to 1-6 axis, the actual C axis is invalid.
MD is the LED indication  

The handwheel is the output, and A-/B- is the inverting pulse of AB. No connection is required.  
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4 AXIS mini cnc router 8060 engraving carving machine

The CNC router is suitble for Industry, Technology Research, Advertising Design, Arts Creation, Teaching,

Student Project and Hobby Purposes.

The cnc router is designed for large area engraving work such as Industrial or Hobby Prototype Building,

Building Model Making, PCB, Advertising Signs, Artwork, Crafts, Aircraft Models, RC Model parts, etc. So,

you can do engraving work at office or home.

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cnc router

CNC 6040 4 axis 2.2KW CNC router wood carving machine

USB Port 6040 CNC Router Machine work with laptop, with mach3 software.

it is Upgrade new version can match windows-XP, 7. 8. 10 system all. but only USB2.0 3.0 port matc,the new Upgrade 2.2KW spindle with ER20 collet, limit switch for X, Y, Z axis,with auto-bit checking tool,80mm chunk rotary axis 60mm in-diamater,with upgrade more higher Z axis

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4 Axis CNC Router 3020 Mini CNC Milling Machine

The 3020 Easily produce name badges, equipment tags, small signs, plaques and awards, gift items,

pet tags,ID tags, electrical tags, military name tags, desk plates, or mark industrial parts.

Whether you are a startup business, or a model enthusiasts, or looking to add a machine to supplement

the capacity of an existing operation, the 3020 is a great fit.

We look forward, 3020 will become your good helper

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DIY Mini CNC router 3 4 axis 300w engraver machine

DIY Mini 3axis 4axis Engraving machine mini CNC Router  Engraving Drilling and Milling Machine

This is a very good era,in the past we only can see the CNC machine equipment in factory, but now, the CNC equipment has been into our lives;

Whether you are a small or medium enterprises managers, project engineers, CNC enthusiast or artists, related students, there are something on this machine will attract you;

It can help you processing a lot of parts, whether you are modeling or home decoration or creative DIY.

It can help you intuitively to learn CNC knowledge. And testing learning outcomes in real time.

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DIY CNC router 3060 metal mini cnc milling machine

CNC Engraver Suitable User :

-Advertising&Design staff
-PCB Engineer
-Woodwork fans
-Model fans
-NOT Ready for Nowise(beginner)

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cnc milling diy cnc milling diy cnc milling diy cnc milling diy cnc milling diy

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CNC 5 axis 6040 Router Engraving Machine

New Milling Machine USB CNC 5 axis Router Engraving Machine

Highlights for HY6040:

1. 2200w Water-Cooling Spindle
2. Ball screw high precision
3. Independent power supply for main board, longer service life
4. USB connection for Mach3
5. Limited switch added
6. Auto-Checking function
7. Independent driver, more stable, better accuracy
8. able to do surface engraving and 3D engraving, 4th axis(rotary can be added)

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How to use:
1.Assembling and locating the CNC machine on steady desk well.

2.Make sure that your computer has a on-board parallel port output.

3.Installing a CNC control software and Drive such as the CNCUSB on your computer.

4.Connecting the control box with the CNC machine and you computer.

5.Fllowing our manual or guideline to set up the software.

6.You can enjoy making you dream with using our CNC machine now.

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Linear guide maintenance method

Linear guide maintenance method

Maintenance method for linear guides. Linear guides are precision parts, so they require a very cautious attitude when used. Even if high-performance linear guides are used improperly, they can not achieve the expected performance, not only the accuracy is reduced, the service life is shortened, and It is very easy to damage the rail. Therefore, the following should be used when using:

1. Keep the guide rail and its surrounding environment clean. Even if the dust that is invisible to the naked eye enters the inside of the slider, it will increase the wear of the guide rail.

Second, the installation needs to be careful and careful, does not allow strong stamping, does not allow hard objects (awl and the like) to hit the rail slider, does not allow the pressure to be transmitted through the rolling elements.

Third, use appropriate and accurate installation tools to use special tools as much as possible, the mechanism to avoid the use of cloth, short fibers and the like.

Fourth, to prevent corrosion of the guide rails, it is recommended to install with gloves when installing. If you take it directly by hand, you must wash off the sweat on your hands and apply high-quality mineral oil before handling. Pay special attention during the rainy season and summer. Rust protection.

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However, under certain special operating conditions, it is possible to obtain a longer life than conventional calculations, especially in the case of light loads. These special operating conditions are: when the rolling surfaces (rails and sliders) are effectively treated by a lubricating film Separation and restriction of surface damage caused by contaminants; in fact, under ideal conditions, so-called permanent service life is also possible.

Oil lubrication should be pre-filled with grease in the sealed guide rail, and filled with a proper amount of grease inside the casing, and filled or replaced at intervals. In addition, lubrication is required for multiple slides. The machine also adopts the centralized grease supply method in which the pipeline is connected to each lubrication place; the grease lubrication can be used for filling the lubricating grease for a long time without replenishing for a long time, and the structure of the sealing device is also simple, so it is widely used. Oil lubrication is relatively simple, and regular lubrication can greatly improve the service life of the linear guide and maintain a certain precision and preload.

linear guide rail HGR15-L=200 300 400 500 600~1500mm 4pcs linear block carriage HGH15CA or HGW15CA slider CNC parts


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(Aerospace aluminum) mountain frame aluminum difference and choice

Because aluminum alloys are light in weight, strong in oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, most of the frames are now made of aluminum alloy. However, aluminum alloys are divided into many types, of which 6061 7005 7075 aluminum is the most common frame material, the following is a brief introduction.

Magnesium and silicon are the main alloys, and the total composition ratio is low. The strength is lower than 7005 aluminum. However, since the alloy composition is simple and the content is low, the welding and pressing are relatively easy, so the price is also cheap.

Zinc is the main alloy (including many other substances), and the proportion of the components reaches 6% (it is relatively high). The strength is higher than 6061 aluminum, but the hardness is larger due to more alloy components. Therefore, welding and pressing are difficult. Therefore, the general price of 7005 aluminum is higher than 6061 aluminum.

Zinc is the main alloy (including many other substances), but the content is much higher and the hardness is higher than the hardness of the steel. However, due to the large alloy composition, the hardness is extremely high. Therefore, welding and pressing are very difficult.

Bike Floating Disc Brake AL7075

Material: 7075AL+Stainless Steel

Size: 160/180mm/ (6 /7 Inches)

thickness:about 1.8mm

Weight: about 105g(160mm) 145g(180mm)

IS 6-Bolts Rotor

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What is the specific performance of motorcycle air filter blockage?

If the air filter is not cleaned for a long time, the car can still start driving. The surface does not seem to affect the performance of the car.

However, the dust and impurities adsorbed by the filter element are increased. If the filter is blocked for a long time, the filter hole in the filter element will be blocked.

The gas volume causes the power to drop, the fuel consumption increases, and some small impurities are forced into the engine, which accelerates the wear of the moving parts in the cylinder and shortens the life of the machine.

Motorcycle Parts CNC Crafts Air Cleaner Intake Filter Alumimum

A:For Harley XL Sportster (1991-17)
B:For Harley Dyna (1993-17), Softail (1993-15), Touring (1993-07)
Excludes: 2017 FXDLS, 2014-15 FLSTNSE, 2011-12 FLSTSE, 2013-14 FXSBSE
C:For Harley Touring Street Glide 2008-2016, Softail (2016-17), For Dyna FXDLS (2017), FLSTNSE (2014-15), FLSTSE (2011-12), FXSBSE (2013-14)

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How should the linear bearing on the cnc be placed?

Square linear guides, some models are allowed to use in all directions (not all)

Round linear guide, if the slide does not have a bracket, the bearing is rounded and can be used in all directions.

For circular linear guides with brackets, the slider opening should be as close as possible to the direction of the force. If it is not guaranteed, only the compass and bearing dimensions can be increased to meet the requirements.

Specific indicators can be found in the relevant product manual, with detailed design data

10pcs/lot LM8UU LM10UU LM16UU LM6UU LM12UU LM3UU Linear Bushing 8mm CNC Linear Bearings for Rods Liner Rail Linear Shaft parts

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What is the use of motorcycle valves?

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Motorcycle valves are designed to deliver oil-gas mixtures to the engine, exhaust gas and dissipate heat.

The valve (famen) is the control part of the fluid conveying system. It has the functions of cut-off, regulation, diversion, countercurrent prevention, stabilization, diversion or overflow relief.

Valves used in fluid control systems range from the simplest cut-off valves to various valves used in extremely complex automatic control systems. Valves can be used to control the flow of air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media. Valves are also divided into cast iron valves, cast steel valves, stainless steel valves (201, 304, 316, etc.), chromium-molybdenum steel valves, chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel valves, dual-phase steel valves, plastic valves, non-standard valve materials.

90 degree valve stems allow easier filling and easier access for checking tire pressure.
Racing CNC Aluminum valve stems are made from High Quality 6061-T6 CNC Aluminum with top quality rubber seals.
The aluminum is hard anodized with bright and vibrant colors.