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Wood engraving machine dust cover installed there is no need to buy?

When purchasing woodworking engraving machines, the configuration sheets given by the manufacturers generally have the opportunity to woodworking vacuuming. As an option, processing can be done without him. Remuneration woodworking engraving machine manufacturers suggest: vacuum cleaners and other woodworking vacuum cleaners are best installed at the factory, preferably selected.
To make the above choices, the main starting point is two points: one is the maintenance of the engraving machine, and the second is responsible for the health of the operator.
1, when the machine is processed, a lot of dust will be generated. If a large amount of dust is not processed, it will float to various places of the machine, such as rails and gear gaps. Many are not in a position to clean up in time, which creates a hidden danger to the machine. After using the vacuum cleaner, most of the dust damage can be avoided.
2, Although many operators wear masks, a lots of wood chips and powder float in the air. If you donot have to vacuum, the damage to the human body is still great.
Woodworking vacuuming equipment is not expensive. It is better to install it better.

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What is the difference between milling cutters and drill bits?

A twist drill is an instrument that cuts a circular hole of a workpiece by rotating relative to a fixed axis. It is so named because its cheap flute is spiral and shaped like a twist.

The main cutting edge of the end mill is a cylindrical surface, and the cutting edge on the end face is a minor cutting edge. At work, an end mill without a center edge cannot go anywhere the axial direction of the milling cutter. According to the national standard: the end mill has a diameter of 2-50mm and can be divided into coarse and fine teeth. Diameters 2-20 are straight shank ranges and diameters 14-50 are tapered shank ranges.

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How to adjust the height of the CNC lathe tailstock?

tailstock height adjustment

Height adjustment step:
1. Because the structure of the tailstock of the lathe is similar, if the height adjustment is necessary, the gasket has to be added.

2, the left and right skew adjustment is simple, you can adjust the screw left and right.

3. The height adjustment method of the tailstock is to draw a cylinder with the same diameter as the tailstock sleeve on the machine tool, then suck the table of the magnetic watch on the middle carriage, and then measure the height of the workpiece and the tailstock sleeve. Can.

4. Align the dial indicator with the horizontal center of the workpiece and move the heavy carriage to measure the workpiece and the tailstock sleeve to adjust. Finally tighten the left and right screws. If the machine guide rail is used for a long time, it will wear out. If you adjust it, it may be unsuitable for all positions. If the length of the workpiece is long, you need to fine-tune it after commissioning. It is used by a scrap as long as the workpiece you want to machine, and then look at the outer circle. Consider whether there is a taper at both ends, and adjust it slightly according to the actual situation.

5. The selected gasket is not suitable. The thickness has to be adjusted. It can be fitted by grinding the thickness of the gasket or adjusting the tightening strength of the screw.

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DIY cnc machine 3060 USB port Milling engraving machine

This is a very good era,in the past we only can see the CNC machine equipment in factory, but now, the CNC equipment has been into our lives;

Whether you are a small or medium enterprises managers, project engineers, CNC enthusiast or artists, related students, there are something on this machine will attract you;

It can help you processing a lot of parts, whether you are modeling or home decoration or creative DIY.

It can help you intuitively to learn CNC knowledge. And testing learning outcomes in real time.

CNC router mini DIY cnc machine 3060 USB port Milling engraving machine 6030 with Mach3 ER11 collet tools kit

cnc router

CNC wood router 5 axis with A axis B axis wood carving machine



Column type 6040 CNC Machine 2.2KW

Attribute   3axis machine 4axis machine 5axis machine 
X Y Z axis
A axis (4th axis)
B axis (5th axis)

Product demention

970*810*790 mm

Effective work area


Precision ballscrew


XYZ rail material

Hard chrome shaft

XY rail diameter


Z rail diameter


XYZ axis torque

57*78  250 OZ/IN (2.2N/CM)

4th and 5th


4th and 5th transmission ratio


Repeat positioning accuracy


Working precision


Processing speed

0-4000 mm/Min

A-axis B-axis rotation speed

0-180 rpm/min

XY table maximum load


XY+A+B axis table maximum load


Tailgate material

Stainless steel

Switching Power Supply

Integrated 24V 350W

Spindle power

2200 W water-cooled frequency spindle

Spindle converter


Input Power

220V / 110V power supply

Output Current

Drive 4.5A (peak 5A)

Drive motor

57*78 stepper motors (two-phase 4 wire)

Net Weight


Gross Weight


Outside packing

110*90*85 (cm)

Vertical engraving machine 6040 2.2KW CNC wood router 5 axis with A axis B axis wood carving machine

cnc router

15w laser cutting machine TTL PMW control

  • This kind of laser engraving machine can not be carved the following materials:
  • Metals (thickness), stone, ceramic, jewelry, jade, reflective material, colorless, transparent material, soft material
  • This kind of laser engraving machine can engrave and cutting on the following materials:
  • Wood, plastic, paper, bamboo, horn, part of the cortex (purse), plastic following, rubber seal, photosensitive seal, sponge, paper, etc

15w laser cutting machine TTL PMW control 1*1m big area 5500mw DIY laser engraving machine,2.5w laser carving machine cnc router

cnc router

Mini USB Laser Engraving Machine DK-8-KZ

This laser engraving machine features the function of print carving and more practical than normal engraving machine.
High precision and high stability: with 108 screws and alloy structure make it strong.
Unique frame and weak light automatic positioning: frame positioning makes the image positioning easier.
Offline operation: this machine supports operating without computer, only need to prestore a picture and connect the two usb ports to charger or power bank(not included); one button to operate.
Professional power IC and radiator, carving time will last much longer and carving performance will be more stable than other laser.
Adjustable blue laser head, high speed and support more types of materials.
Items can be carved including: mahogany, bamboo, paper cards, ivory, leather, flammable plastic, PCBA, etc.
Come with a pair of protective glasses to protect your eyes from getting hurt by laser.
Wide application: can be used for print, hand tools and industrial processing.
High resolution printing: 512*512.

Protective glasses included?
Not included. The mini laser engraving machine has been upgraded, Glasses is relpaced with protective board, safer than before, please rest assured to buy.

What about the laser head life?
Normally, about 3 months to 1 year, but it’s also closely related to how you use it. Main factors include: temperature, time intensity, current, voltage, anti static treatment, etc.

How to judge the laser head burned?
1. When the machine is working, the light was significantly weakened.
2. When the machine is working, the light is scattered and weakened, and unable to focus.
3. It can’t burn out the object when the burning time, carving material and focal length are right.

3 Months Warranty for Laser Head:
If burnout problem of the laser head arises during warranty period, we will offer replacement laser head for free.

NEJE Mini USB Laser Engraving Machine DK-8-KZ 1000mW DIY Automatic CNC Wood Router Laser Cutter Printer Engraver Cutting Machine

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Mini 3000MW Blue CNC Laser Engraving Machine

This 3000mW DIY desktop blue laser engraving machine is ideal for amateur
laser engraving usage with grayscale printing,low-light positioning and freedom
positioning functions.It only need you to connect it to the computer,then you can
print any pictures your like with your own creativity.

Material:stainless steel and acrylic
Working Voltage:DC 12V
Laser Power:3000mW
Engraving Area:65x50cm(maximum)
Control software: benbox software support power can be adjusted, weak light positioning

Engraving Material Note:
1.can engraving materials:wood,bamboo,plastic,paper,leather,bank card,rubber
2.can not engraving material:metal,stone,ceramic,shell,light-reflecting material,
transparent material

Cutting Material:
It can only cut foam,paper,thin leather material.

50*65cm Mini 3000MW Blue CNC Laser Engraving Machine 2Axis DC 12V DIY Engraver Desktop Wood Router/Cutter/Printer+ Laser Goggles

cnc router

CNC3018 diy mini cnc engraving machine

CNC 3018(with ER11)

Control software GRBL control
Construction Aluminum + plastic
Working area 300*180*40mm
Frame size 400*330*240mm
Spindle 775 spindle motor (12-36V) 24V: 7000r/min, 36V: 9000r/min
Step motor 1.3A    0.25N.m
Power supply 24V     5.6A
Supported system Windows XP/ Win 7/ Win 8/ Win10 Home
Laser (options)


500mw   12V 405nm


2500mw/5500mw   12V 450nm


Drill bits Diameter: 3.175mm  tip: 0.1mm  length: 30mm


CNC3018 withER11,diy mini cnc engraving machine,laser engraving,Pcb PVC Milling Machine,wood router,cnc 3018,best Advanced toys

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800W water-cooling spindle 65 diameter

800W water-cooling spindle HQD brand 65 diameter,160Length spindle motor, hanqi factory selling, good quality cnc router spindle

HQD brand 800W water-cooling spindle 65 diameter,160Length spindle motor, hanqi factory selling, good quality cnc router spindle

Is the water-cooled spindle motor of the engraving machine better or the air-cooled spindle motor?

The main differences between the water-cooled spindle motor of the engraving machine and the air-cooled spindle motor are:

  1. The water-cooled spindle motor, as the name implies, uses water circulation to cool the heat generated by the spindle at high speed. This method will work well because the temperature after circulation will not exceed 40 degrees. The air-cooled spindle motor uses a fan to dissipate heat, and its effect is definitely not as good as water cooling.
  2. Noise. Water-cooled spindle motors are basically no noise, but air-cooled spindle motors are very loud.
  3. Use time. Because the water-cooled spindle motor should pay attention to maintenance, frequent water change or use industrial water cooler, its service life is much longer than the air-cooled spindle motor.
  4. Precision. The axial and radial runout of the water-cooled spindle motor is basically below 0.003 mm, which is far behind the air-cooled spindle motor (domestic)!
  5. Easy to use. Since the water-cooled main shaft needs to be connected to the water pump, a bucket is needed to hold the water, and the water pipe needs to be connected; and the air-cooled main shaft will not have so many problems in use.
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Difference linear guide and a linear slide

What is the difference between a linear guide and a linear slide?

What is the difference between a linear guide and a linear slide? Many people think that linear guides are the same as straight slides. If you think so, it is not correct. Let’s tell you about the difference between them!

Linear Guides

Both linear guides and linear slides are a component inside the machine that withstands a certain load and achieves high-precision motion under high load conditions. However, linear guides and linear slides are not the same before, and there are still different places.

Linear guides can also be called line rails and linear slides. Linear slides are a type of linear guide. Linear guides can be divided into sliding guides and rolling guides. The sliding guide rail is a direct contact between the guide rail and the slider, and the price is low, the precision is low, and the friction coefficient is large. The rolling guide is equipped with rolling elements (rollers or balls) between the guide rail and the sliding block. The rolling guide has a complicated structure, a relatively high price, a small friction coefficient and high precision.

Applied to various industries, the most important is the machinery and automation industry. The main function is to make repeated linear motions in a given direction, which can be divided into several according to the nature of friction.

Profile Width(mm)80
Drive TypeBallscrew
Screw Lead10mm
Bearing TypeSingle Square Rail
Motor Type2-Phase Nema24 Stepper Motor
Effective Travel Length L(mm)500
Effective Travel Length(inch)20
Max. Speed(mm/s)200
Max. Speed(inch/s)7.87
Normal Load Capacity(kgs)60
Normal Load Capacity(lbs)132
Axial Load Capacity(kgs)20
Axial Load Capacity(lbs)44
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What is the difference between a ball screw and a trapezoidal screw, a linear guide?

Ball screws, trapezoidal screws, and linear guides are generic conventional accessories. The names seem to be similar, but in fact they are completely different between the three, with different working principles, different production requirements, and different occasions of use. Taishang Precision Machinery Xiaobian will introduce the difference between a ball screw and trapezoidal screw and linear guide.

1. The difference between a ball screw and a trapezoidal screw. The difference between a ball screw and a trapezoidal screw is mainly the way the load is carried between the moving surfaces. The ball screw uses recirculating balls to minimize friction and increase efficiency, while the trapezoidal screw utilizes a low coefficient of friction between the sliding surfaces. Therefore, the trapezoidal screw does not reach the efficiency of the ball screw, and the efficiency is equal to about 90% of the ball screw. The fatigue life equation is very reliable within its scope of application. In summary, ball screw and trapezoidal screw have fundamental differences in their application fields because of their differences in their ability to provide for performance and life.

2. The difference between linear guides and ball screws. Ball screw is mainly used for some large-scale machine tools, engraving machines, etc. It is very convenient to convert the rotating motion into linear motion, which is very convenient to use. Thus reducing the wear and tear of the whole equipment in the rotation; the linear guide is very used. Wide range but many types, square four-row high-bead guides are used for some large-scale machine tools, such as surface grinders, slicers, wire cutting, etc.; also because of different working conditions, the linear guides are also different, most suitable for precision measuring instruments Semiconductor manufacturing and inspection equipment, non-standard automated machinery and other precision linear motion applications are important, and it is also important to choose the right guide rail for different equipment.

The “ball screw” that we often hear is actually a ball screw, but the habit is changed, and the name is different. The above is about the difference between the ball screw and the trapezoidal screw, linear guide, in fact, it is not difficult to distinguish the three, look at the introduction of the small series can know how to distinguish, I hope to help everyone.

FLS40 Ball screw linear rail guide slide module table actuator for cnc XY motion robotic arm parts motorized router kits