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What are the components of the FDM desktop 3D printer?

With the continuous development of science and technology, 3D printer seems complex, but it is not really complex. As long as the working range of components is divided, it is easy to understand how FDM3d printer works. It is necessary to construct parts through machine components. In terms of large classification, 3D printer can be basically divided into electronic parts, mechanical parts and software parts.

Software part: Simply speaking, the 3D printer makes drawings through 3D design model software; divides the model into innumerable layers with 3D slice software, the thickness of which is basically equal to the accuracy of the 3D printer, and then generates innumerable printed coordinate commands for the mechanical part to execute.

Mechanical part: The mechanical part is the positioning part to execute the printing order. The XYZ space axis is composed of printer, stepping motor, feeding bracket, synchronous wheel, conveyor belt, printing sprinkler, printing platform and so on. The printing coordinates generated by the software part are positioned accordingly.

Electronic part: Electronic part can be understood as a bridge between software and mechanical part. It mainly includes instruction and data buffer generated by software, motor control, temperature control and so on. The coordinate instruction generated by software is executed by mechanical part controlled by electronic part to achieve the purpose of accurate printing.

3D print parts Linear Guide MGN9 L=100 200 300 350 400 500~800mm Linear guide rail + MGN9C or MGN9H linear slider cnc parts

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Face milling and End milling

face milling and end milling

Face milling

“Face milling” is used for machining planes on vertical milling machine, end du milling machine or gantry milling machine. There are cutter teeth on the end face and the circumference, and there are also coarse teeth and fine teeth. Its structure has integral type, insert type and indexable type.

Face milling cutters have a cutting edge on the end face and outer circle perpendicular to the arbor, which are mainly used for milling planes. The cutting edge of the outer circle is the main cutting edge, and the cutting edge of the end face plays the same role as the scraper. Face milling cutters have shorter blades than sleeve end mills.

High-speed steel face milling cutters are generally used to process medium-width flat surfaces. The standard milling cutter diameter range is 80 ~ 250 mm. The cutting efficiency and processing quality of carbide face milling cutters are higher than that of high-speed steel milling cutters, so at present, hard alloy face milling cutters are widely used to process planes

Face milling cutters are mainly used for processing planes, which are characterized by: high production efficiency; good rigidity, can use a larger feed; multiple cutter teeth are involved in cutting at the same time
Sharpening, good working stability; adopting rigid inserting structure, easy to sharpen and replace the cutter teeth, and long tool life.
Face milling cutters are divided into two categories, one is to fix the hard alloy blade to the cutter teeth by brazing, and then install the cutter teeth on the cutter body of the milling cutter. This is called an insert-type face milling cutter; second The class is to directly install the hard alloy blade on the cutter body of the milling cutter, and then fix it with screws, etc. This is called the indexable clamp milling cutter. The face milling cutter has two axial rake angles and a radial rake angle. The direction of the two rake angles is selected according to the material and cutting conditions of the object to be processed, that is, positive +, negative -, or zero.

The tools for processing flat workpieces are mainly face milling cutters, whose cutting edges are covered with circumferences and end faces. Among them, the cutting edge of the end face is an auxiliary cutting edge. The diameter of the face milling cutter is large, so the cutter teeth and the cutter body are usually separated when the cutter is selected, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term use.

Choice of face milling cutter diameter

(1) The surface area is not large. When choosing a tool, pay attention to choose a tool or a milling cutter with a diameter larger than the width of the plane, so that a single plane milling can be achieved. When the width of the plane milling cutter reaches 1.3 to 1.6 times the width of the processing surface, it can effectively ensure the better formation and discharge of chips.

(2) When the area of ​​the processing plane is large, it is necessary to select a milling cutter with an appropriate diameter and mill the plane multiple times. Among them, the diameter of the milling cutter will be limited due to the limitations of the machine tool, the depth and width of the cutting, and the size of the blade and tool;

(3) When the machining plane is small and the workpieces are scattered, an end mill with a small diameter needs to be selected for milling. In order to maximize the processing efficiency, the milling cutter should have a diameter of 2/3 in contact with the workpiece, that is, the diameter of the milling cutter is equal to 1.5 times the width of the milling. In down milling, the reasonable use of the ratio of the tool diameter to the cutting width will ensure that the milling cutter has a very suitable angle when cutting the workpiece. If you are not sure whether the machine tool has enough power to maintain the cutter at such a ratio, you can divide the axial cutting thickness in two or more times to maintain the ratio of the cutter diameter to the cutting width as much as possible.

End milling

“End milling” is used for smaller planes. It is mainly used for processing grooves and stepped surfaces. The cutter teeth are on the circumference and the end surface, and they cannot be fed in the axial direction during work.

End milling is one of the most used milling cutters on CNC machine tools. Both the cylindrical surface and the end surface of the end mill have cutting cutters. They can be cut simultaneously or separately. Mainly used for plane milling, groove milling, step face milling and profiling milling.

End milling can be used as face milling. However, because the main declination angle is 90°, the force of the tool is mainly radial force in addition to the main cutting force, which is easy to cause deflection and deformation of the arbor, and it is also easy to cause vibration, which affects the processing efficiency. Therefore, except for similar to the thin-bottom workpiece Except for special reasons such as small axial force or occasional face milling, which is occasionally necessary to reduce the variety of tool stocks, it is not recommended to use an end mill to machine flat surfaces without steps.

The application range and requirements of high-speed steel end mills are relatively broad, and even if the cutting conditions are slightly improperly selected, there will not be too many problems. Although the carbide end mill has good wear resistance during high-speed cutting, its use range is not as wide as that of high-speed steel end mills, and the cutting conditions must strictly meet the requirements of the tool.

Check milling tools

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What kind of coolant is used in the engraving electromechanical spindle?

Machining centers, engraving machine spindle coolants and cutting fluids are completely different concepts. The internal cooling of the main shaft is only one type of cutting fluid, which is ejected from the internal cooling pipe of the main shaft. The spindle coolant is a liquid that protects the spindle from overheating and through the inside of the spindle. It is continuously circulated and requires external cooling. Use two isolated pipes separately from the cutting fluid. The spindle coolant will not be sprayed into the machine. If this happens, there is a problem with the circulation line in the spindle. The spindle coolant and cutting fluid cannot be separated if they are mixed together.
Now we will introduce a coolant suitable for machining centers and engraving machine spindles: BMW’s special spindle coolant. Baoma brand special spindle coolant is a new generation of environmentally-friendly spindle special coolant, which meets the EU ROHS standard and reaches the level of high-quality foreign products. It has excellent cooling and antifreeze properties, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and safe use. Non-toxic, suitable for cyclic cooling of various mechanical equipment.

1. Dilute with tap water and mix well, the dilution ratio is 1:20 (if it is configured with industrial pure water, it will not scale, the effect is better).
2. As the coolant evaporates, please add new liquid in the same proportion in time. If the machine is shut down for a long time, please discharge the coolant and reconfigure it when it is turned on.
3. The circulation system in the water tank should be kept clean. If it is found that the coolant is deteriorated or corrupted, it is recommended to replace it. It usually takes about 150 days to replace it.

1. It should be kept in a cool warehouse to avoid child contact.
2. Inadvertently fall into your eyes and mouth, rinse with water.

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What is the difference between the guide rail slider and the linear bearing?

The rail slider and the linear bearing are essentially two product accessories.

The appearance of the linear bearing is obviously different from the appearance of the guide rail slider: the linear shaft bearing guide shaft has a cylindrical shape; and the guide rail slider shaft has a square structure.

The main difference lies in the installation position: the linear bearing is generally fixed at both ends, and the intermediate suspended connecting member covers all or most of the radial direction of the optical axis; the guide rail slider generally has one side of which is closely attached to the equipment mounting base and is fixed by bolts.

In terms of cost: the same brand, linear guides are more expensive than linear bearings;

From the equipment: linear guides are more accurate than linear bearings, with greater load, higher stability and longer life;

From the market point of view: linear guides are more suitable than linear bearings, and linear bearings are relatively only suitable for primary processing;

This is the sliding unit with the aluminium case, shafts and aluminium rail for preventing deflexion. This is the complete sliding unit systems and can be clamped simply tightening by bolt with high accuracy. The support rail unit provides maximum rigidity and stiffness to the shaft throughout the whole stroke, and ensure the performance of the unit.

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How to change the engraving machine into a laser engraving machine

If mach3 is controlled, open the control box and take out the z-axis forward and reverse signals to control the laser.Under the knife to open the laser,Put a knife is closed,
The z-axis depth of the knife path can be changed to 0.1 mm of the lower knife.

I am a 10w laser controlled like this.

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Does the motorcycle brake need to be pinched?

How much damage does the motorcycle catch clutch brakes on the clutch? How to brake?

Tell you now!

Firstly, the clutch brake is not damaged to the clutch, and the clutch is separated, which is equivalent to the neutral sliding. To say hazard, it is the engine losing power and traction.
1, can not use the engine brake to quickly decelerate,
2, there is no incentive to respond to emergencies and emergency avoidance.
Therefore, no matter whether it is a motorcycle or a car, it is strictly prohibited to slide in the neutral position. If there is any behavior that will damage the clutch, it will be driven for a long time in a semi-linked condition, and the separation of the clutch is not complete, which will accelerate the wear of the clutch.

When the high-speed high-speed brakes do not pinch the clutch, first grab the brakes, wait for the speed to decrease, then pinch the clutch, and then switch to the appropriate gear. When high-speed braking, try to reduce the distraction. If you press the clutch, you will have one more action on the faucet. If you have a pinch-and-clip, it is better to use it to concentrate on controlling the brakes. If the speed is too low, you must pinch the clutch to reduce the gear, otherwise it is the high-end low-speed state, so the engine torque is too small, it is easy to cause the internal gear of the engine to wear, and then the clutch is shifted after the speed is lowered, mainly to avoid The engine is off.

Secondly, some cities now do not allow motorcycles to take motorway lanes and can only ride on non-motorized roads. Everyone knows that there are bicycles, electric cars, and express tricycles on non-motorized roads. Many of these people are ignoring traffic laws. Suddenly stopping, taking a call in the bicycle, suddenly changing the driving track. Electric cars are faster than motorcycles. All kinds of complicated road conditions can’t drive fast, otherwise it is easy to accident. Driving in this group of people, we must slow down the speed, and other vehicles that suddenly decelerate, I am used to catching clutches, loosening the throttle, and grasping the handbrake. The new car has been more than half a year now, and it has not yet reached the running-in period, only 2,100 kilometers.

The motorcycle clutch is a wet multi-plate normally closed clutch. The so-called wet type means that it is often soaked in the lubricating oil. The multi-piece means that the friction plate of the motorcycle has the active piece and the driven piece. In general, the follower has five pieces and six pieces of two normally closed types, meaning that the clutch active and driven pieces will be separated only in the separated state. In a specific case, the small throttle catch clutch brake for a short time not only does not damage the vehicle but also protects the engine from toothing, but for a long time it is absolutely harmful to the clutch. Therefore, do not hold the clutch as a transmission without downshifting, and hold the clutch handle brake for a long time, which will damage the clutch friction plate. In addition, the sudden braking does not pull the clutch one is to use the engine brake to shorten the braking distance. The other is to avoid the rear wheel losing traction and causing the tail to be dangerous… The correct emergency brake should be to pull the clutch and the front and rear brakes to brake. When the vehicle decelerates and stops, the clutch is disengaged and the flame is extinguished.

For KTM 690 SMCR 690SMCR 2012 2013 Motorcycle Brake Clutch Levers CNC Adjustable Folding Brake Clutch Levers Accessories Parts

Motorcycle Adjustable Brake Clutch Lever

1. CNC machined precisely from top quality Aluminum;
2. Fine anodizing treatment,exclusive surface finish;
3. Bearings for the smoothest operation and the highest performance;
4. Allowing adjustment positions while riding;
5. Gives outstanding grip;
6. Folding pivot on levers to minimize crash damage;
7. Availables for all the Racing bikes and fit most popular motorcycles;

8. Perfectly interchangeable to the original ones,long service life;

9.It is very popular by people who loves modifying motorcycles;

10.Brand new and very easy installation;

11.Awesome appearance, this levers obviously giving your bike extremely cool modifications!

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How to use and choose plum coupling?

1. What issues should I pay attention to when purchasing a plum coupling?

When you choose to buy a plum coupling, you are advised to judge it according to your own needs. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the production standards of different brands. This will ensure that the application’s effect meets your own requirements, and the quality of use will be better. You can choose the Lingke coupling for production and processing.

2. Which brand of plum coupling is the most popular?

The plum blossom couplings of different brands are different in popularity, and the functions used in the application are different. If you want to make better judgments and judgments, the Lingke coupling manufacturers can definitely meet the requirements of everyone. Don’t worry about any problems, and the price positioning can also meet your consumption requirements.

3. Is it reasonable to determine the price positioning of the plum coupling?

Better to determine the price positioning of plum blossom coupling can meet everyone’s use requirements, and it can also make people get a better sense of direction when choosing, avoid blindly buying and be deceived, and everyone also needs to pay attention to choose the right manufacturer. It is generally recommended that you choose the encoder produced by the Lingke coupling manufacturer to ensure that it meets the requirements of everyone.

4. What factors will affect the use of the plum coupling?

More and more plum blossom coupling manufacturers can notice the needs of the mass customers in the production process. When you choose to buy, you can choose the Lingke coupling manufacturer because the manufacturer’s production technology is the most important. The influencing factors can also give you a more convenient experience and more perfect functions when using the operation.

Flexibility of this coupler removes stress between motor and driving component.

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What are the benefits of aluminum brackets for motor performance?

Everyone said that the aluminum bracket is better than the iron bracket, and even the progress of the generation. What is the benefit of the aluminum bracket on the performance of the motor? Is it better to dissipate heat? Does it have any effect on the torque and efficiency of the motor?

First of all, aluminum has a high thermal conductivity, which is good for heat dissipation. If the stator is a silicon steel sheet, the bracket is iron, which has an effect on the magnetic field and the bracket also has heat. In addition, aluminum is light, strong, and does not rust. This is also an advantage of aluminum brackets.

the Drone metal motor mount used for drone quadcopter hexacopter diy frame building.Lightweight design High intensity the motor fixed holes Wide compatibility.Many motor can use it. the Esc can hold in the motor seat below.

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How to distinguish between RJ45 and RJ11?

RJ45 is 8 contact pins, 8 pins, 8 small slots, commonly known as 8P8C.
RJ11 is 6 small slots or 4 small slots, but there are 6 contact pins, 6 pins, sometimes 4 contact pins, 4 pins or 2 in 6 small slots or 4 small slots.

Usually the network cable connector used on the computer is the interface of RJ45, and the telephone line connector is the interface of RJ11.

The easiest way to distinguish is the RJ45, which is 8-pin, used for network cables.
The small one is RJ11, which is 6-pin. Telephone line

The RJ45 Female to 8 Pin Screw Terminal adaptor is wired in accordance with the EIA/TIA 568B wiring standard for structured cabling.
Plug and play, easy snap-in retaining clip, easy to take with you, convenient for plugging and unplugging.
Ensure a secure and corrosion free connection, fixed RJ45 interface, compact design prevent damage and avoid the lack of network signals.
RJ45 connector modular plug with metal shiel. Use this RJ45 connector to protect the network port of the device.
Plug for UTP Cat5, Cat5e solid or stranded wire solid or stranded cable.
Fits for CCTV Digital DVR network.

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What is the difference between a lifting platform and a lifting freight elevator?

There are many types of lifting machinery and equipment, which are divided into a fixed type, mobile type, scissor type, rail type, chain type, traction type, loading and unloading platform. Due to the wide customer base of elevators. Many customers have doubts. It seems that the two devices are comparable. Why is this called the lifting platform and the other one is called the lifting freight elevator? What represents the difference between the lifting platform and the lifting freight elevator? The following sets out the difference between the two by the lift manufacturer – Dongguan Huanan Junye Xiaobian.

What represents the difference between a lift freight elevator and a lifting platform? In the lifting industry, the two products are usually the same, but the lifting freight elevator includes a relatively thick surface, and the lifting platform has a relatively narrow meaning. Many people think that the lift freight elevator and the lifting platform are just two kinds of names, which can be said to refer to the same type of equipment, but because the two arguments are widely pointed, the understanding in the industry is clear, and the customers are confused. The more professional explanation for the lifting machinery industry is that the lifting freight elevator is a closed or semi-closed platform that carries people or goods up and down in vertical up and down channels. Literally, there are various types of lift freight elevators, such as elevators for goods, construction lifts, hydraulic lift freight elevators, and elevators. The lifting platform refers to a multifunctional loading and unloading device, a hydraulic lifting platform, which also includes an elevator, but in the crane lifting equipment, such as a scissor lifting platform and a small lifting platform is all lifting platforms.

Whether you are buying a lifting platform or a lifting freight elevator, you have to choose the lifting equipment that suits you, so that you will be comfortable in your daily work.

CNC Laser Engraving Machine LY 100*100 Mini Aluminum Alloy Lifting Platform Focus Adjustable For Desktop Max Adjust Height 110mm

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What is a laser module?

[1] The laser module is composed of a laser tube and a laser head module.

In addition to the laser tube, the laser tube module also has the following functions:
Constant current circuit: converts a wide range of currents supplied by an external power supply into a constant current required by a laser tube.
Lens: used to focus and expand
Crystal: used to change the color of light

[2] Uses: Used for laser gun sighting, laser snoring, instruments, flashlights, etc. for indicating the fixed point.

Advantages: In use, the module has higher mechanical strength, is easy to install, anti-interference and not easy to damage.

  • This aluminum heat sink is suitable for 12mm laser module with efficient heat dissipation easy to install.
  • Alumium laser module heat sink
  • Easy to install with efficient heat dissipation
  • Fit for 12mm laser module(100mW blue laser module,250mW red laser module)

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How to distinguish between metal blades and ceramic blades

Colors can be distinguished. Ceramic knives have no metallic luster. If you say coating instead of plating, you can still see it;

Ceramic knives Only plating is not easy to see with the naked eye but there is no need to plate metal layers;

Different weights, the same cutter head alloy is much heavier, ceramic is quite light, 5 mm thick and 20 mm in diameter and less than 10 g.

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