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CNC Standalone Offline Controller DDCS-EXPERT 3/4/5 Axis Support Close-loop Stepper/ATC Controller Replace DDCSV3.1 Feature * Max. 5 Axis;2-4 Axis linear interpolation, any 2 axes circular interpolation;  *  7 inch full color display screen;resolution ratio: 1024*600,40 operation keys *  24 photoelectric isolated digital inputs,21 photoelectric isolated digital outputs *  Analog spindle control 0-10V spindle control, support … Read more

Is single phase or 3 phase better?

Single phase electricity Single-phase electric power refers to a form of electric energy transmission composed of a phase wire and a neutral wire. When necessary, there will be a third wire to prevent electric shock. Three-phase power Three-phase alternating current is a form of electric energy transmission, referred to as three-phase electricity for short. A … Read more