xhc mach4 motion card manual

This is the latest generation Mach4 cnc motion control card, which is the fourth generation calling MK3-M4. It could work under Mach4 software. The maximum step-pulse frequency is 2000 KHz. Now MK3-M4 is stronger, more stable and better performance than other version Mach4 CNC Controller config Mach4 software manual Operation Manual

MKX-VI XHC CNC Controller

MKX-VI XHC CNC Controller is the latest generation 4 axis motion control card, which is the fourth generation calling MK3-IV. The maximum step-pulse frequency is 2MHz( The last generation MK3-III is 400KHz). Now MK4-IV is stronger, more stable and better performance. MKX-IV Manual 3 axis card mk3 config 4 axis card mk3 config 6 axis card … Read more

ruida rdc6442g manual

Ruida RDC6442G/S system is a new generation system for 4-Axis control of laser engraving and cutting. Digital Laser Control Signals: (1) TTL level output, 50 mA, Drive Capability(2) PWM frequency 2K-50K for adjustable(3) PWM duty ratio is 1% ~ 99%, adjustable(4) PWM value is up to 5.0 V One-Way 24V Power Supply, >2A Motor Control Signal: Common-anode Output, … Read more

ruida laser controller

RuiDa Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of motion controllaser control and ACS. We emphasize practicality,reliability, economy,technical advancement in our products.It is our unremitting pursuit to enable our customers to make their product with great competition. RuiDa’s control systems include laser cut/engrave system,laser marking system,plasma cutting,automatic Dispenser control system, pattern recognition system with CCD.RuiDa’s motion … Read more