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The difference between bearing grinder plate clamp and magnetic fixture

The difference between bearing grinder plate clamp and magnetic fixturePlaten clamp: A fixture that uses mechanical force to fix a workpiece.Magnetic fixture: A fixture that uses magnetic force to fix the workpiece, which is convenient for transporting heavy objects made of ferromagnetic materials. It is often used in workshops and warehouses. cnc milling engraving machine […]

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How to maintain the dust cover of the engraving machine

Maintenance method of the protective cover in the engraving machine: At present, the XY axis of most engraving machines adopts a dust cover, which not only effectively protects the guide rail and transmission parts of the engraving machine, but also designs the appearance of the engraving machine Played a great beautification. For the use of the engraving machine cover, daily maintenance […]

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What is PCB drilling

PCB drilling is a work of PCB plate making and a very important step. Mainly to punch the board, need to make a line, you need to make a hole, the structure needs, make a hole to do what; the multi-layer board punch is not finished once, some holes are buried in the circuit board, some are in The board was opened above, so there will […]

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