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Why corn cutter is better?

The difference between a corn milling cutter and a cylindrical milling cutter is that the cutter teeth are arranged in a staggered manner, chip separation performance is good, the cutting force of each tooth is reduced, and the chip removal is smooth. The cutting thickness of each tooth increases, so that the cutter teeth avoid the hardened layer on the surface. The interlacing of cutter teeth is conducive […]

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The Best CNC router in 2021

CNC Router is a machine frequently used in many industries. It can be used for carving, cutting wood, etc.Usually it becomes expensive because of its size, but for hobbyists, an entry-level Desktop cnc router is a good choice. We have researched the market to find the information you need. You can browse our carefully selected […]

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Which materials are suitable for CNC engraving machine engraving processing?

Non-metallic materials suitable for carving include organic glass, resin, wood, etc., and non-metallic materials not suitable for carving include natural marble, glass, etc. Metal materials suitable for engraving include copper, aluminum, mild steel with a hardness less than HRC40, and metal materials not suitable for engraving include quenched steel, etc.

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