How To Reset Ac Contactor

An AC contactor is a type of electrical device that is used to control the flow of electric current in an AC (alternating current) circuit. It consists of a coil of wire and one or more sets of contacts, or poles, that are used to open and close the circuit. The coil is energized by an external control signal, which causes the contacts to either open or close, depending on the type of contactor.

AC contactors are commonly used in electrical circuits to control the flow of large amounts of current, such as in motor control applications. They are often used to turn motors on and off, or to switch between different modes of operation. AC contactors are typically rated for use with specific voltages and currents, and it is important to choose a contactor that is suitable for the specific application.

If the contactor is pressed down to energize the suction.
Can be disconnected from the power contactor reset to the initial state.
If the contactor is not energized, press down can not be reset, indicating that the contactor is stuck.

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