F1621 Plasma Torch Height Controller

Fangling F1620 F1621 Leader Thc Plasma Torch Height Controller.F162X series digital plasma arc voltage height controller is a series of products developed byour company, which are easy to operate, stable in performance, complete in function and high in costperformance, based on the on-site usage of plasma power supply and absorbing the advantages ofmany arc voltage height controllers at home and abroad. This series of equipment uses the basicconstant current characteristic of plasma power supply to detect the change of plasma torch heightby detecting the change of plasma arc voltage, so as to control the height between the torch and theworkpiece in real time. It is suitable for height control of plasma power cutting torch with constantcurrent characteristic or constant current characteristic within a certain voltage range. It is especiallysuitable for cutting torch height control of various cutting machines.This series of equipment is light and portable, easy to operate and to use. All keys and knobsare designed with humanity, comfortable and convenient.

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