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CNC Standalone Offline Controller DDCS-EXPERT 3/4/5 Axis Support Close-loop Stepper/ATC Controller Replace DDCSV3.1


* Max. 5 Axis;2-4 Axis linear interpolation, any 2 axes circular interpolation; 

*  7 inch full color display screen;resolution ratio: 1024*600,40 operation keys

*  24 photoelectric isolated digital inputs,21 photoelectric isolated digital outputs

*  Analog spindle control 0-10V spindle control, support PWM Output

*   Magazine type: Multi-operation, straight row tool magazine and disc Magazine

*  Probe Mode: Support auto-probe and manual probe

*  Probe of Fixed position of tool sensor, Probe of Floating tool sensor, first probe/second probe;
*  Backlash compensation methods: direction gap compensation, radius gap compensation, length compensation;
*  Interpolation Algorithm:S type, circular hard algorithm, circular soft algorithm;
*  Language: Chinese, English;
*  Software Alarms: Program Error, operation Error, overtravel Error, Driver Error and so on
*  Network: Support file share and online machining the remote files

*  Differential output for Pulse and Direction signal, max. interpolation pulse output frequency 1Mhz
*   Spindle control mode, Mul-speed (4 lines 16 kinds speed), Servo Spindle
*   Compatible with standard G-code, support popular CAD/CAM software, such as ArtCam, MasterCam, ProE, JDSoft SurfMill, Aspire, Fusion 360, and so on.
*   The control system can preview the processing path before machining, and it makes the system more steady, working smoothy and precise
*   Support high-speed machining in continuous Polyline segment, the system can choose a most efficient algorithm automatically from different kinds Polyline segment algorithm;
*  Support unlimited size file for machining

*  Support Breakpoint resume, “Power Cut” recovery, Try Cut, Start from Nearest Point, Start from the specific line
*  Support time-lock function;
*   Support 4 kinds of operation rights: visitor, operator, admin, super admin

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