How to prevent wood putty falling off

Putty scraping is the most important process in the decoration of a new house. If it is not handled properly, it is inevitable that it will fall off in the later stage, so be especially careful. So how to deal with the wood putty will not fall off

deal with the wood putty will not fall off

How to deal with the wood putty will not fall off

If you want to keep the putty from scraping off the board, you should mix the putty as much as possible at the beginning of the mix so that it can be fully blended together. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the base layer of the wall is tidy and free from excessive stains and dust, otherwise the putty may fall off.

Matters needing attention when scraping putty

Because the base layer of the wall has a relatively strong absorption capacity, it is necessary to completely seal the putty with a primer before scraping the putty. This will not only better protect the wall, but also prevent the rubber inside the putty from being damaged. Excessive absorption of the wall surface ensures that the putty has strong adhesion and is not easy to fall off.

When scraping putty, it is necessary to control the angle of scraping putty, so that when brushing putty, it will be more even. Do not allow the putty to shrink too much, it will crack and fall off soon after using it.

In the process of brushing putty, it is forbidden to paint back and forth in the same place, so as to prevent the putty wall from falling off or curling. Moreover, when putting the putty on the wall, it will inevitably leak some of it next to it. At this time, you need to use props to scrape off the surrounding putty, so as not to affect the overall aesthetic effect.

Friends, after reading the article, you should ming b how to deal with the putty of wooden board so that it will not fall off, and what should be paid attention to when scraping the putty. Putty scraping is a very important process. If it is not handled properly, it will lead to cracks and peeling of the wall, and the overall effect will be much worse, affecting later living.

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