Why corn cutter is better?

The difference between a corn milling cutter and a cylindrical milling cutter is that the cutter teeth are arranged in a staggered manner, chip separation performance is good, the cutting force of each tooth is reduced, and the chip removal is smooth. The cutting thickness of each tooth increases, so that the cutter teeth avoid the hardened layer on the surface. The interlacing of cutter teeth is conducive to the penetration of cutting fluid. Suitable for heavy cutting, high efficiency. 

Advantages of corn milling cutter 

1. The machining accuracy is relatively high. 

2 . Corn milling cutter can change the blade, and the overall cost performance is very high. 3 . The cutting edge has good toughness and strong vibration resistance, which can be used for the manufacture of tools with general cutting speed. For machines with poor rigidity, high-speed steel milling cutters can still cut smoothly. 

4 . High temperature resistance, maintains good cutting performance at 800-1000. The cutting speed is 4-8 times higher than that of high-speed steel. 

5 . High hardness and good abrasion resistance at room temperature. 

6 . Good processes performance, easy forging, processing, sharpening, and manufacturing tools with complex shapes.

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