Operation steps and daily maintenance of woodworking CNC engraving machine

When using a woodworking engraving machine, we must be familiar with the operating process and know the operating steps correctly. If we are not familiar with the operating process or do not follow the process, it will not only affect our work progress, but may even cause accidents. The emergence of; in addition to the proficient operating ability and understanding of the daily maintenance and maintenance of the woodworking engraving machine, good maintenance and maintenance of the woodworking engraving machine can improve the working efficiency of the engraving machine and also delay the service life of the engraving machine.

  1. Woodworking engraving machine operation subsidy
  2. Turn on
    When starting up, the first thing we need to do is to determine whether the machine tool of the engraving machine is connected to the computer normally, and then turn on the power of the computer and the engraving machine. After the system starts normally, enter the CNC system.
  3. Mechanical reset
    Before entering the working state formally, the system will firstly determine that the machine tool has not returned to the machine origin, so after starting, we will first see a prompt dialog box, click the corresponding button, the machine tool of the engraving machine will automatically restore the position of the tool origin.
  4. I/O status
    To check the input and output of the signal, see if there is a fault signal. If not, you can continue.
  5. Load processing program
    Before the engraving machine officially enters the working state, the operator must first load the processing program. If the processing program is not loaded correctly, the machine will not be able to run the automatic processing function.
    Click “File F”-“Open and Load O” and an operation dialog box will pop up, in which we select the file to be processed. Or you can right-click the mouse in the automatic processing window, a shortcut menu will pop up, select “Open and Load” in the dialog box, we select the file to be processed. After selecting, click the button to open, and the processing program can be loaded into the system normally. At this time, click “Auto” to view the currently selected processing program.
    Jinan Woodworking Engraving Machine
  6. Daily maintenance of woodworking engraving machine
  7. Try to ensure that the continuous operation time is within 10 hours every day. The cooling water should be kept clean. At the same time, the water pump should be able to work normally. The water shaft motor must not be lack of water. At the same time, pay attention to the regular cooling Replace the water to avoid excessive water temperature. The temperature in winter is low, at this time we can replace the water in the tank with antifreeze.
  8. After each use of the machine, do not forget to clean it. There may be dust on the transmission system. Be sure to clean it up. The platform fluid should be kept clean at ordinary times. The vibration system should be lubricated regularly every week. When carrying out lubrication and oiling, pay attention to the xyz optical axis uses engine oil, and the screw part uses high-speed grease. In winter, the weather is cold and the temperature is too low. We can clean the lead screw and polished rod with gasoline first, and then refuel, otherwise the machine will be dislocated due to excessive resistance.
  9. When doing maintenance and inspection for electrical parts, remember to cut off the power first, and wait until the monitor does not display and the indicator light of the main circuit power supply has gone out before proceeding.
    Regarding how to maintain the engraving machine, the above is some relevant knowledge compiled for everyone. Any machine should be maintained and maintained at the same time as it is used. This can increase work efficiency and extend the service life of the machine.

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