Operation process of engraving machine

  1. Typesetting according to customer requirements and design requirements. After calculating the path correctly, save the paths of different tools and save them in different files.
    2, After checking the path is correct, open the path file in the engraving machine control system (preview available).
  2. Fix the material and define the origin of the work. Turn on the spindle motor and adjust the number of revolutions correctly.
  3. Turn on the power and operate the machine.

Boot up

  1. Turn on the power switch, the power indicator light is on, the machine first performs reset and self-check operation, X, Y, Z, axis return to zero, and then each run to the initial standby position (the initial origin of the machine).
  2. Use the handheld controller to adjust the X, Y, and Z axes respectively, and align them with the starting point (processing origin) of the engraving work. Properly select the rotation speed of the spindle and the feed speed to make the engraving machine in a working waiting state.


  1. Edit the file to be engraved.
  2. Open the transfer file and transfer the file to the engraving machine to automatically complete the engraving work of the file.
    End When the engraving file ends, the engraving machine will automatically lift the knife and run to the top of the work starting point

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