CNC engraving machine structures and functions

The structure of CNC engraving machine has four main parts, namely engraving machine tool, engraving control software, computer and electrical control cabinet. Each plays an important role. The following will introduce their functions in detail.

  1. CNC engraving machine
    This is the mechanical equipment part, through which the engraving machining is completed.
  2. Engraving control software
    It is used to process and interpret the NC processing codes generated by the engraving CAD/CAM software, issue processing control instructions, and direct the engraving machine to perform processing actions to complete the engraving of the product.
  3. Computer
    This is the operating carrier of the engraving control software, which coordinates and controls the various hardware mechanisms of the engraving machine.
  4. Electrical control cabinet
    This is the signal detection part of the drive of the engraving machine. According to the control instructions sent by the control computer, the engraving machine is directly driven to produce mechanical movement, and various states of the engraving machine are detected, and fed back to the control computer and control software for identification and processing.

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