Precautions for four-axis CNC machining operations

1) Try to load the clamping material first and then the clamping tool to prevent your hands from touching the tool when loading the clamping material. If the tool has been installed, the workbench should first be moved outside when loading the clamping material to ensure that it will not interfere with the tool when loading the clamping material to avoid injury or break the tool.
2) When disassembling the tool, you must first observe whether the spindle stops rotating.
3) For four-axis CNC machining, do not forcefully hold or pinch the cutting edge of the cutting tool when unloading the knife to avoid scratches.
4) After use, the wrench should be placed in the tool storage area, not on the Y-axis shield or beam.
5) During processing, the operator is not allowed to observe the cutting position at close range to prevent chips from falling into the eyes.
6) Check the position of the oil nozzle before turning on the oil pump switch before the start of four-axis CNC machining to avoid spraying to other positions during oil flushing.
7) When performing pause observation in the gap of 4-axis CNC machining, be sure to move the worktable away from the cutting position.

8)Inspection After the processing is completed and before disassembling the workpiece, we must first carry out the preliminary inspection of the necessary size or appearance, and the workpiece can be disassembled after the inspection is qualified, so as to avoid the positioning problem of the secondary processing and the scrapping of the workpiece after the disassembly. The disassembled workpieces need to be further tested for some key dimensional data to finally meet the processing requirements.

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