How to deal with problems with the power supply?

There are two lights on the power supply of the large four-axis CNC machining center unit, one is the power indicator light, which is green; the other is the power warning light, which is red. The power supply unit mentioned here includes the power input unit and the power control part.
When the power of large CNC machining center cannot be turned on, if the power indicator (green) is off.
The fuses F1 and F2 of the power supply unit are blown. This is caused by high input voltage, or the components of the power supply unit itself have been damaged.
The input voltage of the large four-axis CNC machining center is low. Please check the voltage entering the power supply unit. The allowable value of the voltage is AC 200V+10%, 50HZ±1HZ.
Defective power supply unit, internal damage
The power indicator light is on and the alarm light disappears, but the power cannot be turned on.
At this time, it is because the conditions for power-on (ON) are not met. By the following switch circuit, the conditions for power on are as follows:
There are three power-on conditions for the four-axis CNC machining center: (1) The power ON button is closed. (2) The power OFF button is closed. (3) The external alarm contact is open.

The alarm light of the power supply unit of the large CNC machining center is on
1. Fuse of 24V output voltage
2. 9″ monitor screen uses +24V voltage, check whether +24V is short-circuited with ground.
3. Defective display/manual data input board.

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