Clamping and alignment method

The basic methods of clamping and alignment during four-axis CNC machining are as follows:
①Clamp the workpiece on the four-jaw single-action chuck, in order to increase the freedom of the four-axis CNC machined workpiece in the horizontal direction and prevent damage to the outer circle, a narrow copper plate is placed at each chuck jaw .
②Introduced by the four-axis CNC machining manufacturer, put a flat plate on the bed and use the scoring disk to align the eccentric reference center line.  
③Using the cross-hair correction method, move the scribing plate from left to right along the eccentric lines on both sides in parallel, and reverse half a circle, repeatedly correct the position of the workpiece and the height of the scribing needle, so that the eccentric line is aligned with The height of the needle is the same. 
④Tighten the chuck jaws in order in the opposite direction, and ensure that the correct position of the workpiece remains unchanged. If the eccentricity accuracy of the CNC lathe processed by the four-axis CNC is high, the eccentricity of the workpiece can be regarded as the circle runout amount, and the swing difference of the dial indicator can be directly used for correction.

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