Choose the fixture

For a four-axis CNC machining center, choosing a good fixture is too important, because on the machining center, the task of the fixture is not only to clamp the workpiece, but also to determine the zero point of the workpiece programming with the positioning surface in all directions as the reference datum. The parts processed on the machining center are generally more complicated. The parts need to be rough milled and rough bored, as well as fine iron and fine bored in one-piece clamping. A variety of tools are required, which requires the fixture to be able to bear Large cutting force must meet the requirements of positioning accuracy. The automatic tool change (ATC) function of the machining center also stipulates that the bracket, position detection and tool setting components cannot be used in the machining. The high flexibility of the machining center requires that its fixture is more than ordinary The structure of the machine tool is compact and simple, the tightening action is fast and accurate, the auxiliary time is minimized, the operation is convenient, labor-saving, and safe, and sufficient rigidity must be guaranteed, and it must be flexible and changeable.
For the personnel who need to operate the four-axis CNC machining center every day, if you want to use the fixture properly, you must first have a deeper understanding and mastery of the machining characteristics of the machining center, and also pay attention to the following issues:

  1. The accuracy of processed parts:
  2. Batch size:
  3. Manufacturing cycle;
  4. Manufacturing cost.
    According to the four-axis CNC machining center manufacturer’s understanding, according to the characteristics and processing needs of the machining center machine tool, the currently commonly used fixture structure types include special fixtures, modular fixtures; adjustable fixtures and group fixtures. There is also a comprehensive consideration when we choose Various factors, choose the most economical and reasonable fixture form.

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