Machine zero point, machine reference point, and machine origin

Machine zero (machine origin): The design origin of the machine coordinate system (du-intrinsic coordinate system on the machine), and its position on the mechanical hardware is determined by the manufacturer. It is the origin of the machine tool coordinate system and a fixed point on the machine tool. It is not only the reference point for establishing the workpiece coordinate system on the machine tool, but also the reference point for machine tool debugging and processing.

With the different types of CNC machine tools, the machine origin is different. Usually the machine origin of the lathe is set at the intersection of the chuck end face and the spindle center line, while the machine origin of the milling machine is set in the positive direction of the three axes of the machine X, Y, and Z. Sports extreme position.

Machine reference point: The machine tool zero point is not known when the numerical control device is powered on. In order to correctly establish the machine tool coordinate system when the machine tool is working, a machine tool reference point (measurement starting point) is usually set within the movement range of each coordinate axis. , Usually go back to the reference point automatically or manually to establish the machine coordinate system and activate the parameters.
In CNC machine tools, there is also a clear understanding of the definition of the machining coordinate system and the meaning of tool setting.

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