How mach3 reads MBP diagram and converts it into G code

BMP and JPEG bitmap files are loaded bai. This option of MACH3 allows users to generate G-code programs by loading photos. The program will cut different depths according to the different gray levels of the photos, and finally get a workpiece similar to the photo.

First click the Load Image File button to select the image file to be loaded. After the file is loaded, a dialog box will pop up to prompt you to specify the processing area of the image file on the workpiece. According to the G20 of the G-code program to be run In /21 mode, you can choose either imperial or metric units. The dialog box is shown in Figure 8.5. If you select the Keep perspective check box, the Y-axis size will be automatically calculated when the X-axis size is given, so that the original aspect ratio of the original photo can be maintained. If the loaded image is in color, it will be converted before loading For monochrome.

The next step is to select the image copy method, that is, define the tool path when raster processing the image. Raster X/Y

It cuts along the X axis. Every time it reaches the end of the X axis, it moves an increment in the Y axis and then cuts along the X direction. The grating Y/X is just the opposite. The spiral is from the periphery of the image. Draw a circle to the middle. Each raster line is composed of

A series of straight lines, the height of the straight line in the Z axis direction depends on the gray scale of the part of the image

Write G code file

Finally, click the conversion button to load the data into Mach3Mill. A dialog box will pop up to prompt the user to input

Enter the file name of the saved G code file, you should enter the complete file name including the extension, or directly overwrite

For existing files, the file extension is usually TAP.

You can use it for processing. It is reminded that many pirated MACH3 on the market do not have the option of Load Image File in the drop-down menu after installation.

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