Disadvantages of mach3

Almost all toy machines of mach3 are in use. I came into contact with mach3 a year ago. At that time, I bought a glass cutting machine to change the engraving machine.
Let me talk about the advantages of mach3. It supports 6-axis, has all the functions, simple operation, and the biggest advantage is cheap. Then the biggest problem of mach3 is that the algorithm is not advanced enough. The mach3 system itself is a long time old. Everyone knows that in the mach3 settings, a combination of precise stop and tasting motion must be set to achieve good results. Because of insufficient algorithms, tasting motion accuracy is not High, especially the faster the feed, the more obvious it is, and the precise stop means the jump or stop without acceleration or deceleration. This is the biggest problem. If it is a stepper motor, it will lose steps if it is directly jumped. Of course, the toy machine speed is low , The inertia is small and there is no such problem. If it is replaced with a servo, it will not lose step, but it will oscillate, just like driving a car, it is impossible to stop immediately. This is good to cause problems at sharp corners. I personally think that using closed-loop stepping is the best choice, but even if you do not lose steps, the impact on the frame is always there. If the kinetic energy of mechanical movement is not released by the motor, it is The frame bears, and it is easy to break the knife at the corner, which may have a lot to do with this. Then talk about the good machine must not use mach3, because considering the cost of toy machines, the use of mach3 is the best choice. Just because the problem caused by accurate stopping cannot be compensated by a good shelf, I have two large machines, one 1325 and one 1315, both of which are square tube rack machines, of which the 1325 frame is very Poor, (I used the second mobile phone I bought in the first half of the year). I can shake it with my hand, but after I changed the rack two days ago, I carved 46 cards. The effect is definitely not inferior to the ordinary toy machine. It can be said that it is because of the system. .
Also, it’s impossible for the engraving machine to run F6000. I think it’s also because of the system, because mach3 can’t be engraved with f6000 because mach3 is killed. If you’ve been to a furniture factory, the engraving machines used for production are all equipped with 8 and 12. There are even 24 spindles, 7*24 hours non-stop for several months, the speed is F6000 or even higher, the speed is 24000, the 4mm taper knife oak board does not open 10mm thick with one knife, I use 4mm taper knife for others, 7mm one knife, For the dry depth of 12mm, use a 6mm knife. After a year, nothing has been broken except for accidentally hitting the nail. As long as the first knife is slowed down to 20% feed, it can be directly pulled back

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