How to choose best plasma cutting machine

Many people admire the speed of plasma cutting. In order to improve the processing capacity of the factory, they decided to purchase advanced CNC cutting equipment.

For example, a friend is going to purchase a portable plasma cutting machine, and requires the CNC cutting machine to purchase together with the plasma power supply. Since the processing range of the customer is to the 15mm thick steel plate with the width of 1500mm, and it can not be guaranteed that it is always cut from the edge in use, some graphic processing is easy to use perforation cutting, so if the customer is configured with 120a plasma The cutting effect is not ideal. But if we want to choose 160A plasma, the purchase cost will rise a lot. In the face of such confusion, where should customers go?

Understand that the customer’s actual use is mainly to cut carbon steel parts. Because the customer’s processing width is 1500mm, in order to fully meet the demand and better cut parts, the customer chooses 1600mm portable cutting machine, which is changed from the original plasma cutting machine to flame plasma dual-purpose integrated machine. When the customer processes 12mm and below thick plates, he directly uses 120 plasma for cutting Cutting, when customers cut 15mm or even thicker carbon steel, we use our flame cutting method directly.

Such a solution not only fully meets the initial needs of customers, but also has been upgraded to a higher processing standard. But in terms of the overall purchase cost, it saved more than 10000 yuan.