The difference between tungsten steel milling cutter, white steel milling cutter and carbide milling cutter

carbide milling cutters
carbide milling cutters

The main component of the tungsten carbide milling cutter is tungsten carbide. The tungsten contained in the steel has a significant improvement on the hardness and heat resistance of the steel, but the toughness will drop sharply.

White steel milling cutters are employed to low-speed turning workpieces with better roughness than carbide inserts! Cemented carbide is more difficult than high-speed steel, but cemented carbide is brittle and less likely to break than white steel.

The main component of cemented carbide milling cutters is rare metal, which is hard to be annealed but is brittle. Otherwise known as tungsten titanium alloy. Hardness can reach HRB89 to 95, with characteristics that are not easily worn

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