The difference between the use of keyway milling cutter and three-sided milling cutter

keyway milling cutter
keyway milling cutter

keyway milling cutter and three-sided milling cutter Difference:

The two-blade milling cutter can be drilled directly into the workpiece like a drill bit without the need for pre-punching. It is especially suitable for machining keyways on the shaft, so it is also called in keyway milling cutter.

Since the three-blade or more has no cutting edge at the center, it is usually not possible to directly feed the knife directly downward. (the new type of milling cutter usually has a center blade, but it is not easy to regrind.) However, the more the number of blades, the smoother the cutting and the higher the productivity. Therefore, it is adapted for feeding from the edge or pre-feeding. When the hole is machined.

A milling cutter is a rotary tool with one or more teeth in milling. During the work, each tooth turns off the remaining amount of the workpiece intermittently. Milling cutters are mainly used to machine plans, steps, grooves, forming surfaces and cutting workpieces on milling machines.

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