How to grind the Four-flute end mill

four flute end mill
four flute end mill

End mill sharpening key points
1. Key points, for slotting: radial rake angle, core thickness, helix angle, slot length, cylindrical toughness bandwidth, the grinding wheel fillet, groove type requirements;
2, the key points of the Zhou edge: radial back angle, blade diameter, blade length, circumferential blade width, diameter jump, inverted cone;
3. The key points of the end edge: the front rake angle, the rear rake angle, the end kernel width, the blade inclination angle, and the end jump;
4, the key points of the backlash: chisel edge, over-center amount, backlash angle, tooth expansion and exit, bottom corner arc, fusion depth, fusion angle, grinding wheel selection, length of the front surface of the ball head slotting;
5, other key points: ball head, arc, taper, chamfer, cut, go high, profile, passivation, appearance.

For end mills, in general, with a small number of blades and a large chip flute, the discharge of chips can be relatively smooth, but at the same time, the cross-sectional area of the tool is small, the rigidity of the tool body is low, and the tool body is prone to bending during cutting . Conversely, if the number of blades increases and the cross-sectional area of the workpiece increases, the rigidity of the cutter body will increase, but the chip-holding groove will become smaller, and the chip-receiving force will decrease, which will easily lead to chip clogging and reduce the surface finish of the workpiece. The shorter the blade, the more rigid the blade body and the better the cutting performance. The rigidity of the end mill is inversely proportional to the third power of the blade length. Therefore, if the blade length is doubled, the rigidity of the blade body will be reduced to 1/8 of the original.

In actual on-site processing, customers mostly use 4-blade end mills to process planes, steps, etc. 4-blade milling cutters use right-to-right-cut spiral cutter teeth, so that chips are discharged from the front end of the milling cutter when processing materials, 4-blade milling cutters It has a good chip evacuation effect, increases the cutting rake angle, reduces the amount of chips, and facilitates the cutting of materials. Therefore, 4-edge end mills are widely used in mold processing and automobile parts production.

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