Can a 2-blade keyway cutter replace the drill bit?

Can be replaced (small use), not recommended for batch processing because it is not economical! !

1. Current milling cutters are mostly made of cemented carbide and the radial force is relatively small compared to the drill bit, so there is no problem of swinging.
2, the side edge of the milling cutter is with the back angle, and the drill bit is the blade belt, so the drill bit is easy to keep its diameter stable, but it does not mean that the milling cutter does not work at all. After all, the milling cutter is not done of mud, and it is not so fast. It is merely recommended to use the drill bit during batch processing.
3, the exact said should be the same size milling cutter is cheaper than the drill bit, but the batch processing is a single piece of the cost is the it is more cost-effective! Key to see!
4, two-blade milling cutters are called slot drills abroad, so they are sometimes used to use drill bits!

keyway cutter
keyway cutter

Shank Tungsten Carbide 2 Flutes Straight Milling Cutter CNC Tools For MDF, Particleboard, Plywood, PVC, Acrylic

Apply For :  

Harder materials such as leather panels, MDF, particleboard, plywood, PVC, acrylic and resin


     Large chip removal, sharp edge, smooth cutting, high engraving speed and high efficiency

For Machine:

Advertising engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, CNC machining center, computerized flower machine, computer integrated processing machine, etc.

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