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What is a corn milling cutter?

Corn milling cutter, otherwise known as corn cob milling cutter, is also called scaly milling cutter. The surface is dense spiral mesh, and the groove is relatively shallow. It is generally used for material processing such as some functional materials, especially like some composite materials such as carbon fiber Kraft materials (like the outer shell of an airplane’s wing) such as fiberglass! !

Solid carbide scaly milling cutter, the cutting edge is composed of numerous cutting units, the cutting edge is sharp, which greatly reduces the cutting resistance, and can realize high-speed cutting, achieving the effect of milling and grinding, and improving the composite material. Processing efficiency and surface quality extend the life of the milling cutter.

4mm 6mm Carbide Tungsten Corn Cutter cutting PCB milling bits end mill CNC router bits for Engraving machine


Wood processing,MDF,plywood and multilayer PCB, aluminum-plastic

panels,such as cutting hollow


Double-edged positive and negative spiral chip removal structure for long service life

Sharp edge and high wear resistance, professionlly designed for wood milling.

Cutting the upper and lower sides smooth and burr-free.

Large spiral flute, imported tungsten steel base material


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