SMC5-5-N-N How to connect MPG

I use the SMC5-5-N-N. I want to add the MPG handwheel. But, I don’t know how to connect with this.

Your SMC has MPG connector as this.

Your product SMC is not have ‘A’ or ‘A bar’. I just find ‘M-A’. It doesn’t match with name to name.
Can you explain how to connect the MPG with your product SMC?
Hi, the SMC5-5-N-N just support 5v handwheel.
MA, MB corresponds to A and B of the graph,
IN1 and IN2 are connected to IN1 and IN2 of the input port.
XYZABC corresponds to 1-6 axis, the actual C axis is invalid.
MD is the LED indication  

The handwheel is the output, and A-/B- is the inverting pulse of AB. No connection is required.  
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