What kind of coolant is used in the engraving electromechanical spindle?

Machining centers, engraving machine spindle coolants and cutting fluids are completely different concepts. The internal cooling of the main shaft is only one type of cutting fluid, which is ejected from the internal cooling pipe of the main shaft. The spindle coolant is a liquid that protects the spindle from overheating and through the inside of the spindle. It is continuously circulated and requires external cooling. Use two isolated pipes separately from the cutting fluid. The spindle coolant will not be sprayed into the machine. If this happens, there is a problem with the circulation line in the spindle. The spindle coolant and cutting fluid cannot be separated if they are mixed together.
Now we will introduce a coolant suitable for machining centers and engraving machine spindles: BMW’s special spindle coolant. Baoma brand special spindle coolant is a new generation of environmentally-friendly spindle special coolant, which meets the EU ROHS standard and reaches the level of high-quality foreign products. It has excellent cooling and antifreeze properties, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and safe use. Non-toxic, suitable for cyclic cooling of various mechanical equipment.

1. Dilute with tap water and mix well, the dilution ratio is 1:20 (if it is configured with industrial pure water, it will not scale, the effect is better).
2. As the coolant evaporates, please add new liquid in the same proportion in time. If the machine is shut down for a long time, please discharge the coolant and reconfigure it when it is turned on.
3. The circulation system in the water tank should be kept clean. If it is found that the coolant is deteriorated or corrupted, it is recommended to replace it. It usually takes about 150 days to replace it.

1. It should be kept in a cool warehouse to avoid child contact.
2. Inadvertently fall into your eyes and mouth, rinse with water.

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