What is the difference between the guide rail slider and the linear bearing?

The rail slider and the linear bearing are essentially two product accessories.

The appearance of the linear bearing is obviously different from the appearance of the guide rail slider: the linear shaft bearing guide shaft has a cylindrical shape; and the guide rail slider shaft has a square structure.

The main difference lies in the installation position: the linear bearing is generally fixed at both ends, and the intermediate suspended connecting member covers all or most of the radial direction of the optical axis; the guide rail slider generally has one side of which is closely attached to the equipment mounting base and is fixed by bolts.

In terms of cost: the same brand, linear guides are more expensive than linear bearings;

From the equipment: linear guides are more accurate than linear bearings, with greater load, higher stability and longer life;

From the market point of view: linear guides are more suitable than linear bearings, and linear bearings are relatively only suitable for primary processing;

This is the sliding unit with the aluminium case, shafts and aluminium rail for preventing deflexion. This is the complete sliding unit systems and can be clamped simply tightening by bolt with high accuracy. The support rail unit provides maximum rigidity and stiffness to the shaft throughout the whole stroke, and ensure the performance of the unit.

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