What are the components of the FDM desktop 3D printer?

With the continuous development of science and technology, 3D printer seems complex, but it is not really complex. As long as the working range of components is divided, it is easy to understand how FDM3d printer works. It is necessary to construct parts through machine components. In terms of large classification, 3D printer can be basically divided into electronic parts, mechanical parts and software parts.

Software part: Simply speaking, the 3D printer makes drawings through 3D design model software; divides the model into innumerable layers with 3D slice software, the thickness of which is basically equal to the accuracy of the 3D printer, and then generates innumerable printed coordinate commands for the mechanical part to execute.

Mechanical part: The mechanical part is the positioning part to execute the printing order. The XYZ space axis is composed of printer, stepping motor, feeding bracket, synchronous wheel, conveyor belt, printing sprinkler, printing platform and so on. The printing coordinates generated by the software part are positioned accordingly.

Electronic part: Electronic part can be understood as a bridge between software and mechanical part. It mainly includes instruction and data buffer generated by software, motor control, temperature control and so on. The coordinate instruction generated by software is executed by mechanical part controlled by electronic part to achieve the purpose of accurate printing.

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