Does the motorcycle brake need to be pinched?

How much damage does the motorcycle catch clutch brakes on the clutch? How to brake?

Tell you now!

Firstly, the clutch brake is not damaged to the clutch, and the clutch is separated, which is equivalent to the neutral sliding. To say hazard, it is the engine losing power and traction.
1, can not use the engine brake to quickly decelerate,
2, there is no incentive to respond to emergencies and emergency avoidance.
Therefore, no matter whether it is a motorcycle or a car, it is strictly prohibited to slide in the neutral position. If there is any behavior that will damage the clutch, it will be driven for a long time in a semi-linked condition, and the separation of the clutch is not complete, which will accelerate the wear of the clutch.

When the high-speed high-speed brakes do not pinch the clutch, first grab the brakes, wait for the speed to decrease, then pinch the clutch, and then switch to the appropriate gear. When high-speed braking, try to reduce the distraction. If you press the clutch, you will have one more action on the faucet. If you have a pinch-and-clip, it is better to use it to concentrate on controlling the brakes. If the speed is too low, you must pinch the clutch to reduce the gear, otherwise it is the high-end low-speed state, so the engine torque is too small, it is easy to cause the internal gear of the engine to wear, and then the clutch is shifted after the speed is lowered, mainly to avoid The engine is off.

Secondly, some cities now do not allow motorcycles to take motorway lanes and can only ride on non-motorized roads. Everyone knows that there are bicycles, electric cars, and express tricycles on non-motorized roads. Many of these people are ignoring traffic laws. Suddenly stopping, taking a call in the bicycle, suddenly changing the driving track. Electric cars are faster than motorcycles. All kinds of complicated road conditions can’t drive fast, otherwise it is easy to accident. Driving in this group of people, we must slow down the speed, and other vehicles that suddenly decelerate, I am used to catching clutches, loosening the throttle, and grasping the handbrake. The new car has been more than half a year now, and it has not yet reached the running-in period, only 2,100 kilometers.

The motorcycle clutch is a wet multi-plate normally closed clutch. The so-called wet type means that it is often soaked in the lubricating oil. The multi-piece means that the friction plate of the motorcycle has the active piece and the driven piece. In general, the follower has five pieces and six pieces of two normally closed types, meaning that the clutch active and driven pieces will be separated only in the separated state. In a specific case, the small throttle catch clutch brake for a short time not only does not damage the vehicle but also protects the engine from toothing, but for a long time it is absolutely harmful to the clutch. Therefore, do not hold the clutch as a transmission without downshifting, and hold the clutch handle brake for a long time, which will damage the clutch friction plate. In addition, the sudden braking does not pull the clutch one is to use the engine brake to shorten the braking distance. The other is to avoid the rear wheel losing traction and causing the tail to be dangerous… The correct emergency brake should be to pull the clutch and the front and rear brakes to brake. When the vehicle decelerates and stops, the clutch is disengaged and the flame is extinguished.

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