(Aerospace aluminum) mountain frame aluminum difference and choice

Because aluminum alloys are light in weight, strong in oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, most of the frames are now made of aluminum alloy. However, aluminum alloys are divided into many types, of which 6061 7005 7075 aluminum is the most common frame material, the following is a brief introduction.

Magnesium and silicon are the main alloys, and the total composition ratio is low. The strength is lower than 7005 aluminum. However, since the alloy composition is simple and the content is low, the welding and pressing are relatively easy, so the price is also cheap.

Zinc is the main alloy (including many other substances), and the proportion of the components reaches 6% (it is relatively high). The strength is higher than 6061 aluminum, but the hardness is larger due to more alloy components. Therefore, welding and pressing are difficult. Therefore, the general price of 7005 aluminum is higher than 6061 aluminum.

Zinc is the main alloy (including many other substances), but the content is much higher and the hardness is higher than the hardness of the steel. However, due to the large alloy composition, the hardness is extremely high. Therefore, welding and pressing are very difficult.

Bike Floating Disc Brake AL7075

Material: 7075AL+Stainless Steel

Size: 160/180mm/ (6 /7 Inches)

thickness:about 1.8mm

Weight: about 105g(160mm) 145g(180mm)

IS 6-Bolts Rotor

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