How to distinguish between RJ45 and RJ11?

RJ45 is 8 contact pins, 8 pins, 8 small slots, commonly known as 8P8C.
RJ11 is 6 small slots or 4 small slots, but there are 6 contact pins, 6 pins, sometimes 4 contact pins, 4 pins or 2 in 6 small slots or 4 small slots.

Usually the network cable connector used on the computer is the interface of RJ45, and the telephone line connector is the interface of RJ11.

The easiest way to distinguish is the RJ45, which is 8-pin, used for network cables.
The small one is RJ11, which is 6-pin. Telephone line

The RJ45 Female to 8 Pin Screw Terminal adaptor is wired in accordance with the EIA/TIA 568B wiring standard for structured cabling.
Plug and play, easy snap-in retaining clip, easy to take with you, convenient for plugging and unplugging.
Ensure a secure and corrosion free connection, fixed RJ45 interface, compact design prevent damage and avoid the lack of network signals.
RJ45 connector modular plug with metal shiel. Use this RJ45 connector to protect the network port of the device.
Plug for UTP Cat5, Cat5e solid or stranded wire solid or stranded cable.
Fits for CCTV Digital DVR network.

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